A Timeless Volunteer

Michael Pollock (second from right on the bottom row) is pictured here with the youth and other volunteers from Teens Adelante.

Michael Pollock (second from right on the bottom row) is pictured here with the youth and other volunteers from Teens Adelante.

Written by Daniel Garcia, Ministry Apprentice

Have you ever met a timeless person? There's timeless art, music, buildings, and literature. There's something unique about these things because they’re unchanging as time passes. Jesus is timeless because neither He nor his love for us will ever change. Michael Pollock, Teens Adelante and Leaders in Training (LIT) volunteer, is a timeless person. He is someone who has inspired me and many others during his time volunteering at Mission Adelante.

One of the ways we follow God's will for our community is by having volunteers who selflessly serve. Michael Pollock has dedicated his life to serve others and has positively impacted the lives of many. Michael serves on Mondays in LIT and on Wednesdays in Teens Adelante. After the last week of our LIT trimester, Michael invited a group of boys and me to attend a Swope Park Rangers game. The boys, Dashiell, Uriel, and Camilo, were elated because they got to be ball boys during the game!

Sharing life and making memories with kids that come from all walks of life is a big part of who Michael is. Over the past decade, Michael has walked with different generations of kids and youth from our community. He has been part of each fun and exciting moment, as well as each trial and tribulation immigrant families in our community face. Michael has become part of our community and is like family to me.

There are many qualities that Jesus wants us to have: love for everyone, patience, and a heart that is willing to serve others. Michael has many of these qualities and pushes me to develop them as well. Michael inspires me to have a servant’s heart. The way he dedicates his life to guide and love youth from our community is simply beautiful. He encourages me to live a life that is more about others than myself. He teaches me the importance of living a life that is honest and full of love for others. I am very thankful that God placed Michael in my path and has given him a heart that serves and guides others.


  • We will be hosting a New Volunteer Orientation on Saturday, May 18th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you are interested in volunteering with kids, youth, arts and music, adult ESL, or citizenship classes, this is a great opportunity to jump in for our summer trimester (May 28th to August 4th). Check out www.missionadelante.org/serve to learn more about our programs and to fill out an interest form.