Vision, Mission and Values

We envision a growing multicultural community of disciples making disciples, where immigrants and others are thriving and using our gifts together to transform our neighborhood and the world for the glory of Jesus Christ.


To make disciples by serving, sharing life, and sharing Jesus with people from all places.

Core Values

Love for neighbor

We believe that God’s call to love our neighbor is at the heart of all His commands and finds a special expression in the way we extend hospitality, compassion, and friendship to people from other places.


Developing Leaders

We believe that developing individuals to reach their potential as disciples and leaders is how ministry bears fruit.  We will emphasize equipping and empowering emerging leaders from our community.


Interdependent Relationships

We believe that effective ministry is relational at its core.  And, when relationships are interdependent, learning is mutual, serving is reciprocal, and friendship is life-giving.



We believe that prayer is the most important work in ministry and that our mission depends upon the power and work of the Holy Spirit in individual lives, in our community, and in all of our circumstances.


Celebrating Culture

We believe that God’s image is reflected uniquely and beautifully in diverse human cultures.  Embracing these uniquenesses, we worship Jesus as Lord freely and joyfully within different cultural contexts.



We believe that the opportunities and challenges in our community are God-sized, and that meeting them requires partnerships that begin with relationships and trust and move toward collaboration.



We believe that urban, multicultural ministry requires fresh ideas and new approaches.  We will promote a culture of innovation that encourages creative solutions for unique circumstances.