Growing Up At Mission Adelante

Damariz (back center) is pictured here with a group from Kids Adelante.

Damariz (back center) is pictured here with a group from Kids Adelante.

Written by Damariz Vasquez, Kids Adelante Volunteer

I first started attending Mission Adelante around 2009, a few months after I arrived in the United States. I was only seven years old.  My parents brought me to the Mission, and we attended church and participated in various programs. Although there was a time when my family stopped coming to Mission, I came back when my sister began participating in Kids Adelante.

A few years ago, the Mission Adelante staff told me about their youth group called Teens Adelante. I have been part of Teens Adelante for a couple of years now. We have done some really fun activities together like camping! Everyone is really close and it feels just like a family. It has been a great experience!

There are so many people that have impacted my life at Mission Adelante like Megan Fountain and the Teens Adelante volunteers. They have supported and guided me through the good and rough times over the last ten years. They have encouraged me to try new things such as becoming a volunteer for Kids Adelante. They have helped me to step out of my comfort zone. They have been a part of my life growing up, and I would like to continue the bond I created with all of them.  I have grown a lot in the time I’ve been at Mission Adelante, and I hope to continue to learn and experience more new things!


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