Learning From One Another


By Patti Shirley, Level 5 ESL Latino Volunteer

In 2015, I only knew as much Spanish as the TV show “Sesame Street” taught, mostly colors and the word “agua”! That was the year that my husband and I went on our first mission trip to Nicaragua. We went with a group called Project Hope, and even though they had translators, I wanted to communicate directly with the people I was meeting. So I took a series of Spanish classes and was able to speak just a bit the following year. But I felt that God wanted me to do more than just study it once a year before traveling to Nicaragua.

When I started looking for a place to serve, my daughter Laura suggested Mission Adelante. She had been a regular volunteer at Adelante Thrift and knew about the good work that was happening there. During my first visit on an Observation Night, I instantly knew that I wanted to be part of this ministry. There is such a clear desire to serve God and the people who come to learn. I love the energy of the staff, volunteers, and students. When you walk in on Thursday nights there is always a welcoming feeling and it is obvious that something important is happening.  And there is, hope is being shared and the love of God is at work!

I work with some great volunteers, including my dad, Dean Williams. With their help, our awesome group of students has finally reached level 5! We have studied, laughed, and learned together. I am still trying to learn Spanish and have so very far to go.  I am so grateful that a desire to learn led me to this place.

level 5.jpg


  • Adelante Thrift will be hosting an Easter "Eggs-travaganza" for families on Saturday, April 20th. Please consider donating pre-filled Easter eggs for their annual Easter egg hunt. Details coming soon to Adelante Thrift's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/adelantethrift

  • Do you want to make a difference in a kid's life? Mission Adelante's Multicultural Leaders In Training (LIT) program needs volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit their website at www.missionadelante.org/kids