A Serving Heart


Written by Yanelis Lopez, Ministry Director

Mission Adelante has given me many beautiful opportunities! One of the most important for me is to meet incredible people— people with a deep desire to serve and support others as we walk together in this life full of challenges, obstacles, and reasons to celebrate.

One of these wonderful people has been Sabrina Minhas. She is part of our community and a volunteer in our citizenship class. She took leadership of this class in January and has done an excellent job. Sabrina and other incredible volunteers have developed the curriculum for this trimester. The students continue learning and getting ready to take the citizenship exam. They are very eager to become American citizens! I love the way Sabrina treats students with such love and patience. She clarifies their doubts and encourages them. At the same time, she guides her team of volunteers, distributing responsibilities and giving them opportunities to lead the class. I have learned a lot from her, and it has been a great gift for me to walk more closely with her during these last three months.

I’m sure the students will always appreciate how Sabrina has supported them in their process of becoming U.S. Citizens. We are excited to see how Citizenship Class will continue to impact the community in the future! Personally, I am eager to continue meeting people who encourage me and challenge me to be better. Thank you to Sabrina and each of the volunteers involved in our programs and church. We love you and we appreciate you very much!


  • Adelante Thrift will be hosting an Easter "Eggs-travaganza" for families on Saturday, April 20th. Please consider donating pre-filled Easter eggs for their annual Easter egg hunt. Details coming soon to Adelante Thrift's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/adelantethrift