A celebration of culture

Written by Rachel Pierce, Administrative Assistant

Written by Rachel Pierce, Administrative Assistant

In September,  Mission Adelante will achieve 11 years of ministry in Kansas City, Kansas. But we celebrated a little early, in August we threw a little party with 350-400 of our friends.  There were many beautiful things about that night, many wonderful moments, and great memories.  

The weather that evening was gorgeous, for those of you that have been to other Mission Adelante end of the summer trimester parties, it is usually hot, very hot.  Not this time; there had been rain showers off and on all day, but it cleared up for the party.  There was a nice cloud cover, and a cool breeze. The food was delicious; everybody brought food from their culture.  Rice, fried chicken, tortillas, curries, charro beans, noodles, pizza, pollo mole.  Plates were filled with a little bit of everything; food from Bhutan and Nepal, from Latin American countries, and the United States. On the hill were people from our Bhutanese and Latino ministries, along with our new and long time volunteers; sitting together sharing food, and laughter.  It was beautiful to see.  Long time volunteers were honored for their faithfulness to the ministry at Mission Adelante. Our current ESL students from our Latino and Bhutanese ministries were recognized for their hard work and determination.  

We watched our friends perform songs and dances from their culture, in their language.  The entire program was emceed in Spanish, Nepali, and English, a true celebration and tribute to our diverse community.  Our meal was even blessed by a prayer from our Community Development Director, Elena Mamadnazarova, in Russian.  It was truly a celebration of culture.   The kids from our Bhutanese Kids Club program and our Latino Kids Adelante program performed a song together.  We ended the night celebrating with our founding family and the friends who came alongside them to start Mission Adelante 11 years ago.

We thank God above all for this celebration of culture; for giving the Meek's this vision, dream, and passion for people from other places.  We are thankful for the mission team who stood alongside the Meek's from the very beginning. We give thanks for our staff (past and present), for our volunteers, donors, prayer warriors, and supporting churches who have championed the mission and work of Mission Adelante.  We are excited to see what God has planned next for Mission Adelante!  


Enjoy a slideshow of pictures from our 11 year celebration!

Current Needs:

  • We are in need of volunteers for our Bhutanese and Latino Programs.  
  1. Latino Leaders in Training (LIT) meets Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons.
  2. Bhutanese Elementary LIT meets Monday & Wednesday afternoons
  3. Bhutanese Middle School LIT meets Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons
  4. Bhutanese Youth Group meets Monday evenings
  5. Bhutanese ESL & Kids Club meets Tuesday evenings
  6. Latino Teen’s meets Wednesday evenings
  7. Latino ESL & Kids Adelante meets Thursday evenings

Visit our website for more information or to sign-up: www.missionadelante.org/serve

Important Dates:

  • Volunteer Orientation: Saturday September 10, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Orientation is an introduction to our vision and ministry programs at Mission Adelante.  We will also tour the neighborhood and share a meal from a local restaurant.  A $5.00 donation is suggested to help with the cost of the meal.  If you are interested in serving at Mission Adelante visit: www.missionadelante.org/serve.
  • Volunteer Huddle: Monday September 12, 6:30 - 8:00 pm.  Our volunteer huddle is a time for us to gather together with our current and new volunteers to give them a deeper look into our ministry programs.  We will also have dessert and fellowship time.
  • Our Fall Trimester will begin soon, with our Bhutanese programs starting Tuesday September 13, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm and our Latino programs starting Thursday September 15, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.