Making our Bhutanese Programs "GO".

Written by Kristen Maxwell, Bhutanese Children and Youth Director

On any given Tuesday night at Mission Adelante, you will find a lot of volunteers. You will find volunteers hanging out with the smallest kids, watching Veggie Tales videos and eating goldfish crackers while their moms’ learn English. You will find some volunteers singing songs and playing crazy games with elementary school aged kids and sharing with them in small groups about the love of Jesus. You will find volunteers learning new games and building relationships as they hang out with our middle school aged kids. You will find volunteers going through flashcards, locating things on the United States maps, and discussing how government in America works while building Jesus centered relationships with ESL students.  You will even find a small group of students and volunteers upstairs, working hard and having fun while learning American sign language. There are a lot of volunteers that help out on Tuesday night, and there is NO way the Bhutanese outreach could function without them.  

We have one group of volunteers that is always moving, and they get to see all of the kids and adults and they know where LOTS of people live.  They do their job effectively and are very faithful to their position, these dedicated men are our bus drivers. For many of our program participants, there is no one at home to help transport them to English Class, Kids Club or Middle School Club on Tuesday night. If it weren't for our transportation team, they would not get to come learn about citizenship, socialize with their friends, and see Jesus in action through the love and service of our volunteers. Our transportation team is the stage crew that makes the show on Tuesday night happen. They are the behind the scenes, essential piece, that makes the game go; and we are so very grateful for their help.

When you drive a bus for the Bhutanese ministry, you get to see Tuesday night from a very unique perspective. You get to see our kids jump on the bus, so very excited to see you and see the bus pull up. You get greeted by grandmas who offer you tea, sodas and other treats. You get to hear stories, see families, and watch kids grow in a very special way. Each week, our bus drivers meet perhaps, the most practical need that Mission Adelante has.  

So, to our bus drivers, we thank you.  Thank you for loving and serving our community so well.  Thank you for literally making things “go” around here. We appreciate you. Also, if serving in this way seems interesting to you, contact Drew Hammond at for more information.

Current Needs:

  • Are you looking for a fun and practical way to support the Kid’s Adelante Outreach? We are in need of some fun little prizes for girls and boys ages 5-12 to serve as rewards. Please contact Megan at, if you are interested.  

Important Dates:

  • Saturday, February 20th  2-4 pm: We will be having a mandatory Child Protection Meeting for all volunteers that work with children and youth through Mission Adelante programs. Our children's and youth ministry leaders will be contacting you with further information.