Training Teens to be Leaders in our Community

Written by Edgar Soriano, Latino Ministry Apprentice

A new trimester launched last week at Mission Adelante and our Latino teens group is off to a great start with 30 people in attendance our first night. It was a high-energy night, with a lot of fun and a lot of learning.

This trimester we are starting to focus on building relationships through fellowship and walking alongside our teens.  We want to start discipling our youth; doing this allows us to enter the teens lives, and also allows the leaders and teens to build a relationship.  Our dreams and desires for the teens are that they will grow up and give back to the community.  Our vision is that they will one day disciple kids the way that their leaders are doing with them now. We would like the teens  to get involved with Kids Adelante and serve with the younger kids, we hope that the younger kids will see the teens as role models.  We hope that they grow up in Mission Adelante Latino programs and that one day they will disciple kids at Kids Adelante.    

Would you come alongside us and pray for our teens? This is a tough time in their lives with school, jobs, families and friends.  They are also under a lot of pressures from society, the community they live in, friends and family. Please pray for them and for the leaders that journey with the teens.  

Current Needs:

  • We are looking for someone to donate 10 gift cards of $5 or $10 for our Latino teens youth group. We are doing fun activities with them this trimester and we would like to reward them will something small. Please contact Edgar Soriano at