Discipline Shapes Character in Kids Adelante

Disciplining other people's children is not at the top of my list of fun things to do. However, in Kids Adelante and in life discipline is a very valuable tool to shape character. God tells us that He disciplines us as His sons because He loves us.

Last Thursday we had a challenging situation arise in Kids Adelante. Two of the older boys went a long way to undermine the environment of encouragement and security we are trying to foster, by saying some very demeaning things to one of girls.

The boys were taken aside and received some firm correction. As we spoke with them I was aware that not only were we protecting the sanctity of the Kids Adelante environment, but we were also protecting a young girl's dignity. Additionally, we were providing the kind of discipline that those boys have likely never experienced in their home; the kind of discipline where strong words of correction and truth are followed by affirmation and forgiveness. I am convinced that God will use even these difficult situations to shape the character of the kids we're working with. Please pray with us specifically for these boys and the girl they offended.