Acts 29

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Written by Gissell Vazquez, Assistant Ministry Director

Changing gears in this edition of the Adelante Express, I want to share about some things I have been learning from the Bible. This week the MA staff finished reading the book of Acts. We spent almost two years in an exhaustive and thorough study examining a section or chapter each week. The part that I loved the most is when we talked about what God was telling us personally through the passage. What was He calling us to do in order to put our thoughts into actions?

Someone who stands out in Acts is the Apostle Paul. He traveled around the ancient world, sometimes with fear, sometimes with boldness. He met governors, demon-possessed people, women, Jews, gentiles - without discriminating he shared about Jesus with all of them. He was in prison because of his beliefs but never rejected Jesus. He was called a god, but never claimed to be one. Wherever he went, whatever he experienced, he kept being the same. He stood for the Gospel of Jesus no matter the circumstances. And in the midst of everything he remained faithful to his mission. Yet the book of Acts is not about Paul himself; it is about the work of the Holy Spirit in and through him.  

As we were reading Acts 28 this week, some people pointed out that the story did not have an end. It was a little bit discouraging seeing Paul imprisoned with no response from the people in power in Rome. But as I kept thinking and listening to others’ thoughts, I began to form my own idea. Jesus says in Acts 1:8, “You will be my witnesses to the end of the earth.” This particular phrase, all of a sudden lit up my mind. The story of Acts didn’t have a bad ending but an inconclusive one. It is a chapter connecting the acts of the Holy Spirit to our lives today. The challenge is to continue spreading the Good News about Jesus. That ultimately will reflect the grace and the glory of God. You and I today, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are the ones writing and living out Acts 29.

Pictured above is a large portion of our staff with members from our community at a conference in November.

Pictured above is a large portion of our staff with members from our community at a conference in November.