Community and Truth at LIT

Anna (top middle) with the LIT students and volunteers at the Emerald City lock-in.

Anna (top middle) with the LIT students and volunteers at the Emerald City lock-in.

Written by Anna Watkins, Leaders in Training Volunteer

A little under a year ago, I moved from a place that was familiar and comfortable to Kansas City, where I only knew a few people. In this new place, I felt lost and lacked a consistent community. I was drifting in my walk with God. At a friend’s suggestion, I signed up to volunteer with the Leaders In Training (LIT) program at Mission Adelante last September. I came into this experience expecting to hang out with kids and help them with homework. I found what I was expecting — but I also found community, encouragement, and truth.

The most memorable lesson from LIT this year was a reflection on lies that we were believing about ourselves. We spoke them out loud and then turned them into truths. At this time, I was feeling overwhelmed by commitments. I believed these lies. I felt like my worth was tied to my performance and not my identity as a beloved child of God. It was really encouraging to hear so much truth spoken into these lies that can so easily take control of our lives. This is just one of the many times this year that God used LIT to remind me of an important truth about who He is and who I am.

To celebrate the end of the LIT, we spent the night at a lock-in at Emerald City two weekends ago. I was amazed by the capacity the kids had to run around for hours and still be jumping on trampolines at 2 AM. The lock-in was a chance to reflect on all that God has done in and through the kids and volunteers at LIT this year. His hand is so evident in the unique talents of each child, the truths they learn and speak, and the way they love one another. I am so happy that I got to be a part of this community and a small part of what God has been doing this year at LIT.

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  • Workshop on The Power of Proximity: Michelle Warren is coming to share a morning with us and discuss concepts from her book on Saturday, May 4th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Please plan on joining us for this powerful workshop. You can register here:


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