Growing By Doing

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Written by Daniel Garcia, Ministry Apprentice

Since becoming an apprentice in August, I have learned many new things and have faced many challenges. Many of those challenges have to do with stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that I never thought I would do. Leading Teens Adelante has been tough but very fulfilling, as I grow and learn from youth in our community. However, what has really put me to the test is teaching in our Leaders in Training (LIT) program.

I remember the first time I had to teach in front of the LIT kids. We went on our annual retreat to Great Wolf Lodge. I was intimidated by so many things: kids running all over the place, the responsibility I had over their safety, and talking in front of people. When we first arrived we had pool time, and although I don’t like the pools, I didn’t want this time to end! It got later into the evening, and it was time for me to teach the story of Job to the kids. I wanted it to be relatable yet impactful. I wanted to describe to the kids how Job was a man full of faith in God even though he was blessed abundantly with material possessions. What I didn’t expect from that night was for me be touched by the deep thoughts and questions that the kids had about the Lord. My boys, Camilo, Uriel and Dash, inspire me to grow in my faith and who I am.

Even though this has been a season full of growth and development, I find pleasure working with the teens and kids alike. I love to see them prosper in their faith and make myself a resource for their benefit. Stepping out of my comfort zone has made my relationship with God stronger, and I am eager to see what else He will do through me!



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