My Family Away From Home

Leidy (second from right) and other ESL Level 1 students receiving their certificate.

Leidy (second from right) and other ESL Level 1 students receiving their certificate.

Written by Leidy Yule, student and volunteer at Mission Adelante

There are so many kids, youth, and adults who visit Mission Adelante every day. We learn so much from each of them, and they are always ready to serve and give back to the community. Leidy Yule is a great example of this. She is currently a student in both ESL Latino and Citizenship Class. Since arriving at Mission Adelante she has been serving the community in every possible way. She has helped design art for our classrooms, invited us to events at her house, and now she is serving in Arts Community teaching a crochet class. During ESL not only does she learn English but, she also takes the opportunity to teach others. This is a great example of interdependent relationships - where we learn from each other. This is Leidy’s story, in her own words:

“On March 13, 2019, I arrived in the United States. My heart was beating with love for my soon-to-be husband James. It was scary to arrive in a country where both the language and lifestyle are completely different from what I’m used to. The first few days, I was impressed by the size of this country, the cultural diversity, the great stores, and the long distances to go from one place to another. I quickly realized that I must learn English to do basic everyday tasks. Soon after that, I meet Mary, a Mission Adelante volunteer. She spoke to me about ESL classes and told me to attend the next registration. She warned me to arrive very early as the spots fill quickly. On May 23rd at 3pm, I made my way to Mission Adelante. I had a spot secured as I was the first person to arrive. 

When the doors opened later that evening, I was welcomed with warm friendliness. The atmosphere felt very joyful, everyone was very kind, and I felt at home instantly. Over the past weeks, I have created great friendships with Mission Adelante staff, students, and volunteers. Ruth and Kristen, two of my teachers, have become wonderful friends to me. Although I am thousands of miles away from my home country, I have a new family here - the Mission Adelante Community. I love the work they do and the way they help and educate the community. The world needs more of these people. I thank God for introducing me to this great family.”


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