A Story Worth Telling


By Gissell Vazquez, Assistant Ministry Director

When she began attending Arts Community, you could tell that she was one of those charming and shy girls that would not answer a question if not asked directly. Not only did she never miss a class, she was the first to arrive. The improvement of her skill was evidence that she practiced with her guitar at home. It wasn’t until our second trimester of the program that I got the chance to interact more with her because Pastor Bizu, our volunteer guitar instructor from the spring, couldn’t help during the summer.

I had many good experiences during the trimester, but one that stood out to me was the Monday when I had to teach without the usual help of my friend José Tellez. That night, as I was helping the students one by one to remember the names of the guitar strings and naming the new chords we were practicing, this girl stepped in and said to me, “Do want me to help you? I can work with my partner while you are doing it with the rest.” It was a surprise and a joy for me having her offer to help. Immediately I said, “Yes of course, go for it!” That night and for the rest of the trimester she became not only a student but a helper. She is becoming an artist with a potential to be developed beyond our program and she is turning into a young leader with the most important leadership skill: a servant heart.

You may think I forgot to mention her name, but that’s not the case. I just wanted you to feel, as you read this article, the same awe that I felt. The excitement of discovering simple but important things that have always been in front of our eyes, but that we might not have seen yet. I’m glad Arts Community is not only a place where the opportunity to enjoy the arts is given, but the opportunity for young leaders from our community to be developed as well.  

The young woman’s name is Prishmila and she is one among many kids that are thriving in the community. I’m blessed to have such an amazing group of students that come every Monday night to enjoy the arts, to share life together, and to learn about Jesus.