Bringing Together People from All Places

Sunny playing with kids at Refugee Kids Club

Sunny playing with kids at Refugee Kids Club

Written by Laxmi Gurung, Ministry Apprentice and Sunny Bounyalath, Refugee Kids Club Volunteer

I’m excited to introduce you to one of our Refugee Kids Club volunteers, Sunny Bounyalath. Sunny has been volunteering with the refugee kids for a year now. She was born in Thailand and came to the United States when she was young. When Sunny moved to Kansas a few years ago, she searched for ways to be more involved with the community and was drawn to Mission Adelante because of the diversity and openness of the ministry. I asked Sunny to share a little about her experience at Refugee Kids Club on Tuesday nights:

“For the past year, I find myself looking forward to Tuesdays. When Tuesday rolls around, it is filled with fun, games, and laughter at the Refugee Kids Club. I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve alongside a great group of volunteers. As one of the volunteers, I have gotten to know the children and grow along with them in their faith in God through Bible stories. This trimester we sang and danced, made tie-dye shirts, ate ice cream, and had a balloon water fight outside.

I enjoy every minute spent at Refugee Kids Club. I am thankful that a diverse ministry such as Mission Adelante exists in the community to bring different people from different walks of life together. My Tuesdays have never been the same.”  

We are so thankful for volunteers like Sunny who come and share life with the kids each week. And we are excited to announce that more and more kids are coming to Refugee Kids Club each week! This means that we need more volunteers for the Fall Trimester! If you love kids, please visit our website at to find out more and to let us know you're interested.

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