Created to Create


Written by Sara Forsythe, Adelante Arts Community Volunteer.

  “I wonder what we Christians are known for in the world outside our churches. are we known as critics, consumers, copiers, condemners of culture? I’m afraid so… Why aren’t we known as creators – people who dare to think and do something that has never been thought or done before, something that makes the world more welcoming and thrilling and beautiful?”
– Andy Crouch, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling

During our recent Adelante Arts Camp, I had the privilege of spending time with several young creators as they worked to discover and develop their creative skills! At this week-long camp, volunteers from Christ Community Church, Adelante Arts Community and Mission Adelante staff came together and offered a wide variety of classes in both visual and performing arts. We offered classes like salsa dancing, theater, guitar and creative writing.  There was even a sewing class!

Thirty-nine kids from the Mission Adelante community, ranging in age from 7 to 15 years old, came and joined us for a wonderful time of creativity and exploration in the arts. They were a phenomenal group of campers – they were respectful to one another and to our volunteers, they were collaborative, they were willing to try new things with good attitudes, and more than anything, they were just excited to come together every day to create.

All week long, we talked a lot about creation – how God is our Creator, how we are all created in the image of our Creator with the capacity to create, how he has given each of us unique abilities and talents to use as we create, and how we can use the arts to create beauty in our homes, churches and communities. As a volunteer at Mission Adelante for the past several years, I have known some of these young people since they were in preschool, and I almost had to pinch myself during our program at the end of the week as I watched them confidently perform in front of our audience doing skits, reading poems, talking about their art projects, playing keyboards and guitars, and dancing! They are definitely creators, even now, and they are already making the world more welcoming and thrilling and beautiful. Well done, campers!


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