Overcoming Fears and Celebrating an Awesome Year!


Written by Michael Pollock, LIT (Leaders in Training) Volunteer

At the end of the Spring Trimester, the LIT (Leaders in Training) kids get to go on one last big reward trip to celebrate all of their hard work over the school year. This year we went to Emerald City, a massive indoor playground with gymnastics equipment, trampolines, a giant climbing wall, and a whole lot more. As a math volunteer at LIT, I don’t get to see that much excitement from these kids, so it was really fun seeing them cut loose! Some kids who are normally shy or quiet around me were coming out of their shell as they felt free to be themselves.

The trip also provided many new experiences that the kids wouldn’t have had otherwise. The climbing wall was an intimidating obstacle for an adult, let alone a third grader. Some kids had no qualms, but others were a bit more cautious.

One girl was playing around on the lower section where you didn’t need ropes, and we could tell that she was a natural climber. When we suggested she try the big wall, she acted disinterested. I knew she wanted to try but was a little bit scared, so I didn’t push the issue. A few minutes later, I turned around and saw her putting on the climbing harness and getting instruction from the staff. I felt so proud, not only of her for overcoming her fears, but of the whole LIT family as we gently encouraged her. She ended up climbing all the way to the top several times, ringing the bell to cheers from below! It is so fun to see the kids overcoming their fears and trying new things!



  • We will be hosting a New Volunteer Orientation NEXT Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you are interested in volunteering with kids programs, arts and music, or adult ESL, this is a great opportunity to jump in for our summer trimester (May 29th - August 2nd). Check out www.missionadelante.org/serve to learn more about our programs and to fill out an interest form. 


  • Adelante Arts Community needs one or two volunteers to teach guitar to kids! No need to be an expert. If you enjoy playing a few chords and would like to share that ability with others, fill out an interest form at http://www.missionadelante.org/arts