Inviting ESL Volunteers and Students to Serve Together


Written by Paul Kienzle, Director of Latino ESL

As Director of ESL Latino at Mission Adelante, there are several reasons why I love to encourage our ESL students and volunteers to participate in our Volunteer Serve Day at Adelante Thrift. First, I love to see who shows up to serve! It is never the same group of people. I also like to see our students and volunteers go outside the classroom and into an environment that may take some of them, like me, outside their comfort zone. For some, it’s their first time serving in a thrift store. It is always amazing to me when I observe our volunteers and students serving together. There are always some funny and light moments, but their work ethic communicates that they want to be there and they know why they are there. One of my favorite reasons for encouraging participation to serve at the Thrift is the time when we gather as a group and listen to one of their staff explain a bit of the history and vision behind Adelante Thrift and why it is an important piece in the fabric of our community.

A great composition of students, volunteers, and family members showed up at our most recent serve day! Three out of the five ESL levels were represented in addition to a student from our English Club program. Out of eight participants, three were serving at the Thrift for the first time! That was wonderful, but just as wonderful was the presence of Level 5 couple, Daniel and Daisy, together with their son Arath. This was their fourth Volunteer Serve Day! In the classroom and outside the classroom, Daniel and Daisy have been great examples of “presence and participation” in the life of Mission Adelante.  

Daniel and Daisy on their 4th Volunteer Serve Day!

Daniel and Daisy on their 4th Volunteer Serve Day!



  • Are you interested in serving at Adelante Thrift? Adelante Thrift has volunteer opportunities nearly every day of the week that are perfect for individuals or for groups of various sizes and types. To find out more or to sign up visit