Getting to Know Jesus through Friends


Written by Yamilka Rosales, Mission Adelante church participant

I came to Mission Adelante because the ways of God are mysterious. He put the desire in my heart to come. The first time we came was funny; we arrived early and stayed in the car as we waited for the service to start. The first people to arrive were Americans and in my mind I was just thinking "how am I going to understand the word of God if I don’t speak English?" (I’m always hesitant when it has to do with English because I don’t know much). When I decided to enter, it was a great surprise to see that everyone knew Spanish. I laughed inside, and from that moment on, God allowed a great connection between the people of Mission Adelante and myself.

Almost two years have passed and since then every day, with its ups and downs, I can say it has been a wonderful process. Here I have found total support for every area of my life. These people are super blessed by God. They know how to love and help others as God loves them. My life and thoughts have changed a lot because of what I learn studying the Bible and listening to everyone’s different experiences. It is beautiful every Sunday night when we share God's word, prayers, and life.

In the past I have attended other churches, but when you get to a place where they teach you that first of all you must learn to love, when your attention is drawn to God’s most important commandment, your heart wants to stay there. When you understand that everything is based on God’s love for you, that He is there despite everything, and that He forgives you and understands everything. When you come to understand all this and much more, your life and feelings begin to change. And even though there is a long way to go, if you go at God’s side and with people like those I found in Mission Adelante, I know that even if I fall a thousand times, a thousand times more God will lift me up, for His honor and glory.

My life has not been easier after knowing God, but my heart and mind have changed. And although I still make mistakes, I feel happy (I learned that too). I ask God everyday to continue working in my life and that I can be helpful to others, as my friends have been to me.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” Romans 1:16