A Touch of Art in the New Year!


Written by Gissell Vazquez, Arts Coordinator

If there is something that brings joy and pleasure to our bodies and souls, it is being able to create beauty through the arts. And when you use the arts to express the love of our God for humanity, I believe there is a positive change in the human heart. You might feel hurt, but the melody of a song can bring you healing. You might be alone, but dance can connect you with your Creator. You might be living in the dark, but the beauty of a painting can open your eyes to see the colors of life.   

Adelante Arts Community is entering its launch stage, and we have everything ready to receive the kids and teens from our community that want to join us in this creative and fun experience. We have a great crew of volunteers that is prepared and excited to start. We have three distinct classes prepared for this trimester. In the music class, we offer keyboard and guitar lessons. The students will learn the most-used chords that will allow them to play a ton of songs as well as have fun playing the twelve-bar blues. The dance class will learn a mixture of different styles and will explore and improve choreographies. And the arts and crafts class will learn painting, drawing, collage and mixed media techniques with the goal of creating an art gallery.        

I would like to give special thanks to the volunteers involved. Having a committed crew to work with since the beginning is such a blessing and honor. I also want to extend an invitation for others to come! If you are passionate about the arts and want to share with a multicultural community, please come and serve alongside us! There are always opportunities for guest artists to participate!  

There is no better way to start the year than getting to explore the artist within you! It might be very cold outside these days, but please don’t let this stop you for being with us! Come and enjoy the warmth of human relationships, the arts you love, and God’s love for everyone!

This Monday, January 22nd at 6:00PM, the doors of Mission Adelante will be open for our community! We invite you to come!

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  • Our Leaders In Training program is in need of volunteers! For more information or if you are interested in volunteering, please visit our website at www.missionadelante.org/kids.
  • Do you have a gently-used acoustic guitar that you're not using? Adelante Arts Community needs it! We need one more acoustic guitar for our new program. Please email Gissell Vazquez at gissellv@missionadelante.org if you would like to donate a guitar.