Serving In Community With A Common Passion

Art Camp Summer 2017

Art Camp Summer 2017

Written by Gissell Vazquez, Latino Discipleship and Music Coordinator

As we grow in life, we begin discovering our passions. Passions, in the right way, help us enjoy life and bring our spirit a sense of wellness that gives us strength to live. If I asked you what your passion is, how would you answer? Maybe sports or dancing? Reading? Fishing? My passion is music. Since I was little, when I heard music playing I just couldn’t stop singing, and it has always had a deep impact on me. I thank God for my hometown church in Cuba and many good friends who taught me and helped me to develop my musical skills. As random as things are in life, I ended up studying accounting in college. But, while it’s something that I value, I gotta say, I like the numbers in music more than in a balance sheet!

During my last five years in Cuba, my academic formation allowed me to run the finances for our Raices ministry. But my heart was in our music program “Musicians Changing Lives”. My passion was being poured out into what brings meaning and light to my world: making disciples of Jesus and helping people to develop their artistic gifts.

Now it's been a year since I moved to the United States. In this new stage of association with Mission Adelante, I am thankful for their continued support of Raices in Cuba. I also thank God, that in my role of Discipleship and Worship Coordinator, I have the opportunity to dream and create a program here where anyone interested in learning arts can participate.

Our newest project at Mission Adelante is Adelante Arts Community, and it will be launched in January 2018. Adelante Arts Community is a project for kids, teens, and adults that will provide creative and interactive opportunities for people from different parts of the world to come together to develop skills in music, dance, and other arts. If you are interested in volunteering, we invite you to serve and share life with people from all over the world. You can learn more about Adelante Arts Community at Thank you to those who already participate! We value your work!