Adelante Thrift Is Making an Impact

3720 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS  66102

How many ways can a thrift store impact a community?  In more ways than you think!  Adelante Thrift opened two years ago as the culmination of a big dream.  Even so, the dream is only just beginning to become reality as we're just now rounding the corner to sustainability.  Here are some highlights!

  • Adelante Thrift occupied an 18,000 square foot commercial space that had been vacant for four years.
  • Adelante Thrift employs about 15 people, mostly from our own community.
  • Adelante Thrift invested over $228,000 back into our community in 2016 through salaries.
  • Adelante Thrift averaged about 600 volunteer hours/month in 2016, engaging volunteers from across the city and the country!
  • Adelante Thrift provides a clean, pleasant, and enjoyable shopping experience that sets a new standard for thrift stores in our area.
  • Adelante Thrift has developed reciprocal partnerships with churches, schools, businesses, and other non-profit organizations in our community and throughout the metro area.
  • Adelante Thrift has the friendliest staff whose customer service philosophy demonstrates the love of Christ in ways that are felt by our customers, partners and volunteers every day.

As thrift is on the cusp of having some profitable months, the dream of greater community impact through investing proceeds from the store into other ministry projects in the neighborhood is getting closer!  Please pray with us for this next phase of reaching sustainability.  And please, come shop, donate, and volunteer!  Visit for more information!

Current Needs:

  • Adelante Thrift is in need of 200 store bought sugar cookies, and 20 containers of store bought icing for their Easter outreach at the store next Saturday, April 15th.  The cookies are icing are due by Friday, April 14th.  Adelante Thrift is located at 3720 State Ave. Kansas City, Kansas 66102.  Contact Molly Merrick at for more information.
  • Adelante Thrift is also in need of 2,000 pre-filled Easter eggs, filled with items that are appropriate for children ages 2-10 for their Easter outreach event at the store next Saturday, April 15th. The pre-filled eggs are needed by Friday, April 14th. Adelante Thrift is located at 3720 State Ave. Kansas City, Kansas 66102.  Contact Molly Merrick at for more information.

Important Dates:

  • Adelante Thrift will be hosting an Easter “Eggstravaganza” on Saturday April 15,  12 pm - 2 pm.  There will be fun activities for kids like an Easter egg hunt, cookie decorating, and a visit from the Easter bunny.  Parents can shop while their children are having some “Eggstra-Ordinary” fun.  Adelante Thrift is located at 3720 State Ave. Kansas City, Kansas 66102
  • Mission Adelante will be hosting a celebration marking the end of the formal Bhutanese outreach ministry on April 22nd, 4:30 - 8:00 pm. The celebration will be held at the National Guard Armory, 100 South 20th St. Kansas City, Kansas 66102. Join us as honor our Bhutanese community members and our volunteers for their continued faithfulness.