More Than Just a Club

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Written by Megan McDermott, Director of Latino Kids Ministries

Throughout our lives, one of the greatest blessings we can give and receive is to be in relationship with each other. People are often only in our lives for a season. Some seasons are shorter than we would like and others last decades. However, when those relationships point us back to the Lord, they bless us for our entire lives.

One of the young men in our Leaders in Training program reflected on what he has learned, the relationships he has forged, and his experiences in LIT over the past four years. As he attended our year end trip to Great Wolf Lodge for the last time before he graduates LIT in April, he shared his heart about what he will miss most.

“LIT isn’t just a group or a club. We spend half of our week together learning about God and  about each other in the process. I have learned that when you join LIT, you join a family. I will really miss all the relationships that I formed in LIT. I would have never met many of the people that I did in LIT and I am thankful for that. They are really great people. Everyone grows to understand each other so much that you grow a bond of strong friendship. You learn more about each other than you thought you ever could. I opened myself up to them and they were there with laughter and love.

My favorite part of our trip to Great Wolf Lodge this year was the bonding that occurred. Many of the younger kids had to stay with an adult while the middle schoolers were given the freedom to be on their own. Even though the older kids didn’t have to, they chose to spend time with the younger kids so that no one was left out.

I learned a lot about the Bible during my time in LIT. I used to think that the Bible didn’t relate to my life at all. I thought it was just a bunch of scriptures but as I started to read it, I found that it always seemed to relate to something going on in my life. As you read the Bible more, it starts to actually impact you! I also learned something important about God during my time here: No matter what happens in your life, God will never abandon you. He is our protector in life and death.”

We are so thankful for the way the Lord reaches into the hearts of the kids and transforms their hearts. God is moving in the children and youth of Kansas CIty, Kansas. We feel so privileged to love, serve, and share life with our incredible community! If you are interested in serving the kiddos of KCK, please email


Fun at Great Wolf Lodge!




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