What kind of soil are you planted in?

Written by Megan McDermott, Latino Children and Youth Director

What kind of soil are you planted in? Is it healthy and rich, nourished with community and faith?  Is it covered in thorns, due to the worries of this life? Maybe it is rocky because of the struggles you have endured?  We asked this question of the Latino Leaders in Training students when we went on our end of the year trip, in early April. 

We packed up thirteen children, eight adults, and way too many snacks. We then headed to Linwood Kansas for a two day retreat, focusing our time on the parable of the sower.  Taking the kids out in nature was the best possible environment for them to see this parable in action. As we dug into Matthew 13, I realized that just as we must examine the soil we are planted in, we also need to recognize that each of us are a very precious seed to the Lord.  God can use the seeds of faith that He has planted in the children of our community to affect tremendous changes in KCK. Nurturing those seeds and helping the children develop into the leaders that the Lord has called them to be is at the heart of what we do here at Mission Adelante.

As we closed the retreat together we decided to have each child choose seeds, plant them in good soil, and have a reminder to take home of how THEY can be good seeds of faith in their own community. God moved in mighty ways that weekend to help the children realize that putting God first in their lives and letting their roots grow deep into His love is a choice they must make for themselves.  We praise God that many of the kids did make that choice for the first time that weekend!


Other News:

  • Many of our teens LOVE to play Soccer. This weekend, our Kansas City Bhutanese girls soccer team beat their rival South Dakota team. Many of our Bhutanese Teens Club students play on this team. Congratulations Girls, we are proud of you!