Catch the vision of serving at Adelante Thrift

Written by Elena Mamadnazarova, Community Development Director

Most days at Adelante Thrift are pretty ordinary but something extraordinary happens when teams of people from diverse backgrounds come together with one desire, to serve and to help.  At Adelante Thrift we provide a unique opportunity for people from a variety of different cultures to serve together, for the common good of our city. There is so much exclusion and division in our society today, but Adelante Thrift is able to connect people from other places in a distinct way.   

Part of the vision at Mission Adelante is to build a multicultural community that thrives by using their gifts to transform our neighborhood.  We are seeing this community being built at Adelante Thrift.  A community that is giving generously, serving alongside each other, and shopping locally to help make Adelante Thrift a sustainable part of our neighborhood; while also collectively working to transform our city for the glory of Jesus Christ.  We were able to see this in action last Saturday morning as Adelante Thrift hosted volunteer work groups from four different churches in the Kansas City area. Groups from Church of the Resurrection, Christ Church Anglican, Westside Family Church, and Mission Adelante’s ESL program served side-by-side as they processed donations to put out in the store to sell.  These four groups were assigned to help with sorting, pricing, steaming, and putting the items out on the shelves and racks in the store.  For a long time the production area of the store was overflowing with donations that needed to be processed, but on Saturday the four volunteer work groups were able to completely clear the production area.

However, new donations have arrived this week at Adelante Thrift and the production area is starting to fill up again.  We would love to have you or your group volunteer at Adelante Thrift, Other ways that you can help with the sustainability of  Adelante Thrift:  Donate your gently used clothing, electronic, household, furniture, or athletic items, shop at Adelante Thrift, and share information about Adelante Thrift with your friends and family.  Thank you so much for serving along us.  Visit our website for more information:

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Important Dates:

    Spring Break: March 14-18, there will be no programs during. The Mission Adelante office will be closed March 16-18.

    Looking for something fun to do Easter weekend? Adelante Thrift and Crafty Girl Creations  will be hosting an Easter Extravaganza, on Saturday March 26th at Adelante Thrift, 3720 State Ave Kansas City, KS 66102. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt, Fashion Show, Crafts and Games.  Join us for a fun time and plan on doing some shopping too!