Kids Camp 2015: Locking Arms and Having Fun

Written by Kristen Maxwell, Bhutanese Children's Ministry Director

Partnership is often times described as locking arms with someone.  In the literal sense, when you lock arms with someone you have to think about a variety of logistics: whether you and the other party are moving, how fast each of you is going, whether you're of compatible heights to reach one another's arm. If you don't take those things into consideration, someone might end up falling on the floor, or you may totally miss the person you are attempting to lock arms with.

At Mission Adelante, we are blessed to be in partnership, both formally and informally, with many churches, organizations and individuals.  In the summer, one of the biggest expressions of our partnerships with three local churches is our Kids Camps, which are our version of VBS.

For 10 evenings during three consecutive weeks, we lock arms with the youth ministries from Shoal Creek Community Church, Christ Church Anglican and Emmanuel Baptist Church to have tons of fun on our soccer field with as many neighborhood kids as we can round up.  We run, play games, share the love of Jesus and sometimes literally lock arms. This year, we had record setting numbers of participants, with 120 kids the first night!   We are grateful for the partnerships which afford us the opportunity to love and serve KCK kids.


  • June 30-July 4: Summer Break.  No programs.
  • July 7 & 14 (Bhutanese outreach), July 9 & 16 (Latino outreach): Bring A Friend/Get Acquainted nights.  If you or someone you know wonders what goes on around here on a typical night of programming, come on up/bring him or her up to find out!