Transforming Our Community Together

written by David Stetler, Associate Director

Every day we get closer and closer to the moment when the doors at Adelante Thrift will swing wide open and welcome the first shoppers. Making this dream a reality has required a city wide effort with more than 15 church partners, hundreds of volunteers, thousands of hours, and a whole lot of patience. We have seen God's hand guiding us every step of the way with so many small victories popping up at every turn. These little breakthroughs continue to give us the encouragement and push we need to keep moving forward! Possibly one of my favorite victories was watching the Mission Adelante Community come together as owners and stakeholders of this new and exciting project of community transformation.

Early Saturday morning the store was completely empty. The construction was finished, and the floor had been swept and polished and was shining bright. By the middle of the day, however, it was filled with racks and shelves and an entire community of people from all places serving side by side and locking arms to make an impact together. Young and old, mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, anyone and everyone from our community teamed up as one community to prepare the store for the quickly arriving opening day.

We believe that this is just a small taste of all that the Lord is going to do and just the beginning of the community transformation that we have been dreaming about since the inception of Adelante Thrift!