Becoming a Leader in Latino Teen’s Ministry

Written By Edgar Soriano, Latino Ministry Apprentice

I started attending Mission Adelante as a participant in the Kid’s Adelante program, I was very active in the Latino Teen’s Ministry at Mission Adelante. At the end of high school I went through the Summer Internship Program at Mission Adelante and continued on as an intern through the next year, currently I am going through the Apprentice Program at Mission Adelante. God has provided a life changing opportunity for me through my involvement and  leadership roles in the Latino Kid’s and Teen’s Ministries at Mission Adelante.

When I received the challenge to become the coordinator of the Latino Teen’s Ministry at Mission Adelante it was a difficult decision to make because it was a new and unfamiliar experience.  I had been a part of the Latino Teen’s Ministry, I had even been in a leadership role in the ministry.  The thought of taking on the role of coordinator of the Teen’s Ministry that I had been a part of was daunting.  Through prayer, Bible reading, and wise counsel with trusted friends and leaders in my life I decided to take a step of faith and become the Coordinator of the Latino Teen’s Ministry at Mission Adelante.

Recently, I began journeying with three of the awesome teen guys from our community who are a part of the Latino Teens ministry at Mission Adelante.  While spending time with them; I have learned more about them, shared Jesus with them, and journeyed through life with them. It has been a great opportunity for me to see them grow up and take on leadership roles in our community. It is my desire to help them and the other Latino teen’s in our ministry to know more of who Jesus is and to know the life changing experience of becoming leaders in our community.

Prayer Needs:

  • Festival Season is here for our Bhutanese friends. This time of year presents great opportunities for staff and volunteers to engage in fun relational ways that celebrate culture with our friends. However, it's also a reminder of the dark spiritual powers that are working here in Kansas City, Kansas. Please pray for meaningful opportunities to share the light of Jesus into dark places as we celebrate with friends.

Current Needs:

  • The resource center is in need of some items to help organize. Milk Crates to organize the book and Rubbermaid Tubs to keep the food sacks from getting wet. If you can help please contact Molly Merrick: