Mission Adelante’s Ministry Apprenticeship: A Simple Pattern that Leads to Life Transformation

MA apprenticeship huddle.JPG

written by: Drew Hammond, Bhutanese Ministry Apprentice

The book of Acts begins by showing us the first believers’ simple pattern of life, “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (Acts 2:42). The ministry apprenticeship at Mission Adelante, of which I’m a part, operates in much the same way. This first semester of the three-year apprenticeship has been an amazing experience with a great group of devoted participants. Led by Jarrett Meek and comprised of three apprentices and their three supervisors, we meet together for several hours each week to read passages of scripture, study a seminary-level training course, share meals and pray. Our desire is to see Gospel transformation occur in each others’ lives and to be challenged to listen for God’s voice. We have sacrificed other things in our schedules because of the intensity of the training, but we believe that being together frequently and intentionally will be worth the investment.

In the room where we meet there is list of people we are praying for, praying with, and inviting into relationship with Jesus.  Each one of us is asked this simple question: “Who are the people around you and how can you welcome them into a relationship with Jesus this week?” The people on our list are in our lives naturally: many of them are participants in the programs we lead, some of them are not, but all of them are people who respond favorably to us and to the message of the Gospel. Prayer is the main focus of our time together; we pray for one another and the people in whom we are investing. While our ‘breaking of the bread’ usually consists of coffee and candy, we do also share frequent meals. The fellowship that is fostered allows us to call out each other's shortcomings and celebrate each other's victories.

The ministry apprenticeship is reinforcing the firm foundation in each of our own lives as we seek to influence the lives of those around us for the Kingdom. The pattern is simple: we believe that our devotion to teaching and to one another, to the breaking of bread and to prayer for and with others will lead to transformation of individuals, and to continued breakthrough of the Kingdom of Heaven in Kansas City.

Other News:

  • The Leaders in Training kids have been working hard to earn their reward day. We went to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, to celebrate their consistency in being organized, having great behavior, and being helpful.

Prayer Needs:

  • Please pray for staff as we delve into planning for 2016. Pray that we would clearly hear the Lord and make plans in accordance with his will.