7 Reasons to Hope that 2015 Will Be Our Best Year Ever!

written by Jarrett Meek, Executive Director

written by Jarrett Meek, Executive Director

I shall remember the deeds of the Lord; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will meditate on all Your work And muse on Your deeds.

As we stand on the shores of a new year, looking back on the mountains, valleys and deserts we traversed in 2014, and forward over the horizon to 2015, I'm filled with thanksgiving and hope.  Nine years of ministry in urban Kansas City have brought with them heartaches, disappointments, and discouragements, along with victories, celebrations, joy and much growth.  Thankfulness springs forth out of having seen the hand of God in each circumstance and knowing that He has been at work in sometimes miraculous ways.  Hopefulness is born out of having experienced God's goodness in the past and believing that He will indeed continue to work for His glory and our joy in the future.  As I look forward to the next year, I am aware of His mighty works and I trust in His faithfulness.  I have a sense that it may be the best year of my life, the best year my family has ever experienced, and the best year in Mission Adelante's ministry history in our neighborhood.  Do I dare to hope like this?  Will you hope with me?

Seven Highlights from 2014

  • After more than four years of waiting, Janoy's family was finally able to come from Cuba to join him in the United States.  We prayed and wept with Janoy over the years, and this year we celebrated the reunification of his family together!  
  • Narbu and Anju were married at Mission Adelante this year.
  • Our summer internship included two youth from our Bhutanese community and four from our Latino community.  
  • Our Leaders-in Training program for kids continued to innovate by incorporating a robotics club for participants.
  • Edgar Soriano became the first leader from our community to complete a one-year internship in youth ministry.
  • Five members of the RAICES ministry team from Cuba spent two weeks with us this summer.
  • Adelante Thrift found a location, signed a lease, and is now moving forward in preparation for a March grand opening!

Seven things that make us hopeful for 2015

  • As 2015 begins, Edgar Soriano and Yuri Alonso will become the first two Mission Adelante community members to begin our three-year ministry apprenticeship.  They will serve and gain training for ministry through a combination of theological study, mentoring, and practical ministry experience.  Developing leaders from our own community for ministry is one of our highest priorities as it represents real and reproducible fruit from making disciples.
  • Adelante Thrift is gearing up to begin accepting donated items in mid-February and then open on March 14th.  Gather up your stuff and get ready to serve, shop, and donate!
  • We long to see our house churches multiply in 2015 and a movement of disciple-making begin to flourish.
  • Renovations on our new ministry house, right next door to our main building, are projected to be completed and the house ready to use in February!
  • We hope to take our first concrete steps toward launching Adelante Family Care, a family practice clinic that will bring affordable, quality, and accessible healthcare to our community.
  • On October 1, 2015 Mission Adelante will celebrate 10 years of ministry!  Ten years is a huge milestone, and we'll celebrate with a big banquet event at the Jack Reardon Convention Center in downtown KCK.  Save the date, because you won't want to miss it!
  • We're hopeful that recent changes in the U.S. relationship with Cuba will improve conditions for our ministry partners there and open doors for the gospel to spread and more disciples to be made on the island.

As we remember "the deeds of the Lord", hope with us for this new year, 2015, to be our best year ever!