Beautiful Chaos

Written by Gary Pauley, Latino Outreach Director

House church is different from a traditional church service with a full nursery, a staffed children's program, and a stage. It can be a bit chaotic, a little loud, and not always punctual. It has been quite an eye opener for me, as someone who has pastored with a full staff and an equipped stage for a long time!

I have been thinking how much this must have been like the early church. No doubt there were kids everywhere. Sunday school didn't come around until the 19th century. Scripture says they were meeting in homes. First century homes in Israel typically also housed animals. The church was growing fast--new believers everywhere. I can really picture the chaos. A kind of beautiful chaos.

At our house church meeting last week, a visiting man shared that he was blessed to be attending and that he had never known people like this who loved one another this way. He wasn't worried about the kids, the noise, or the schedule, but he was impressed about what binds us all together.

I was thinking how so much ministry really takes place in chaotic contexts. Paul's plans were constantly interrupted, altered, or changed altogether...and he kept going. The earliest days of the church were marked by persecution and opposition. Increasing persecution and doctrinal corruption were the backdrop of rapid expansion of the Jesus movement in later years. Chaos and progress. God working in spite of the turmoil.

Sundays are awesome. God is at work in our community. It's wonderful to think how he uses you and us together to accomplish the beautiful things He does.


  • Our Latino Equipos (Team) met this week and we are beginning to plan for our trimester party in December.  We are looking forward to a celebration filled with food, family, dancing, awards, and fellowship. 


  • Please pray for our Latino teens, specifically our girls, as they are facing hard times.


  • There is a Bhutanese family that is in need of 2 twin mattresses, a queen mattress, and a kitchen table with chairs. If you would be interested in donating any of these items, please contact Drew Hammond at .
  • Leaders in Training is in need of snacks for after-school!  We are looking for individually wrapped healthy snacks.  If you or your small group would like to help provide these snacks, email Kristen Maxwell at
  • There is a need for 4 floor space heaters for two different families in our community. if you would be interested in helping out please contact Molly Merrick at
  • Resource center in need of gently-used children's books. Kindergarten through sixth grade reading level range . Trying to get ready for distribution on Dec 2 and 4 as we partner with a kids ministries. If you are able to help please contact Molly Merrick at 


  • Fall break: Tuesday, November 25-Saturday, November 29 No programs. Happy Thanksgiving!