Summer of Blessing

Often times near the end of leading an intense internship it is easy to look back and see only the challenges. It’s times like these that I try to do the harder task of looking back and thinking about the good things that have happened and the blessings I have received. This open letter is a reflection of the biggest blessing I have received over the course of leading this internship.

Ram and Prabin,

At the beginning of the summer, I knew that by the end we would have had many adventures together. Some of them would be really fun and exciting, and some of them would be really challenging. Varying from sharing meals and seeing movies together, to struggling through our seemingly never-ending Tuesdays.

What I didn’t know was the deep bond and brotherhood we would have together, the immense sense of pride I would feel for you in the growth of your heart, and the amount of honor I feel to be alongside two amazing young men who are the forerunners of their community.

You have amazed me and the rest of the Mission Adelante community with your passion and commitment. The ways I’ve seen you grow are far beyond what I hoped for and imagined when we dreamed of interns from the Bhutanese community.

I hope and pray that you don’t let the things that you have learned and experienced this summer sit stagnant, but that you keep moving forward towards the goal, running the race without shame or fear. Everything that you have done and learned is of much more importance than any of us understand yet, but I encourage you to keep strong and don’t stop moving. You would not have been accepted to do this internship if it weren’t known that you could strive for the best and accomplish it.

Mission Adelante's vision says,

“We believe effective ministry is relational at its core. And, when relationships are interdependent, learning is mutual, serving is reciprocal, and friendship is life-giving.”

I believe this to be true and I believe that at the end of the summer I will be able to look back and see all that we learned together; I will be able to see that you served me as much if not more, than I served you; I will see the sincere friendship and deep brotherhood.

I am blessed to be in the presence of such great leaders who are stepping out in front of their community to learn and serve.

With the deepest of brotherly love, and the highest sense of honor,

Drew Hammond

Current needs:

  • Leaders in Training, our after-school leadership development and tutoring program, is getting excited about technology!  We are currently looking for tablets that are in new, or very good condition to be used for learning activities during the 2014-2015 school year. If you have one you would like to donate please contact Kristen Maxwell at or Megan McDermott at
  • Looking for a fun way to make a big impact in the fall? Want to pour into the future leaders of our community?   Our relational and fun after-school tutoring and character development program, Leaders in Training, is currently looking for volunteers.  Contact Megan at if you are interested!

Important dates:

  • Bhutanese Summer Party--Saturday, August 9 at 4:00 at Wyandotte County Lake Park, 91st and Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, KS 66109. After entering the park you'll come to a fork in the road; go left and continue to Shelter #6. Please bring a dish to share and stay for the awards and cultural presentation!
  • Latino Summer Party--Sunday, August 10 at 5:00 at Wyandotte County Lake Park, 91st and Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, KS 66109. After entering the park you'll come to a fork in the road; go left and continue to Shelters #8 &10. Please note, these are different shelters than the large shelter where the party has been held in previous years. Dress casually and bring a dish to share, lawn chairs and/or a picnic blanket.