We Are a Family!

Written by Kids Adelante Director Megan McDermott
Over the years, church has come to mean many different things to me. It has been a place of worship, a place to pray, a place to grow in fellowship with other believers, and an environment that invites the Holy Spirit to come and dwell. As we have begun the exciting new chapter of planting house churches within the Mission Adelante community, I was blessed to be able to open my home up to our Mission Adelante family for a few months.

A typical Sunday night for us begins with a potluck meal that allows everyone to contribute and fills us with yummy food as we catch up with each other. This is one of my most favorite times because we are able to invest in each other in a more intentional and relational way. Then, we are led in lively and reverent worship by David Coon, who is accompanied by Edgar, one of the many amazing teens in our community. As we dive into the Word together and explore, with our head (intellect), heart (spirit) and hands (will and actions) what we feel the Lord is saying, a lively discussion often breaks out as we share our individual interpretations. We end the night by splitting into small groups to share on a more personal level, how the passage has touched our hearts and more importantly, how we desire to live out what we have learned. I get to spend intentional, discipleship time with with the young women of our community and walk with them through the challenge of following the Lord in their teen years. This is an especially sweet time for me personally to reconnect with them and encourage them through the trials of their lives.

During the past few weeks, we have had the exciting blessing of our house church moving to one of the Hispanic homes! We pray that this move will allow more friends to join our church family. I have felt the Holy Spirit in a very tangible way during our Sunday night house church. It has felt like I am having a family reunion each Sunday complete with the joy, chaos, and love that only real family could bring. It has been beautiful to watch, as the weeks pass, how our community is becoming a real family!

In other news:
  • I (Morgan, administrative staff member) am impressed over and over by the ways our ministry staff dedicated to kids and teens use the situations in the youth's lives to help them grow in maturity and personal responsibility.  Whether Megan McDermott inspiring our Leaders In Training to take ownership of their participation in the selective leadership development program, or Brooke & David Coon, Teens Adelante Leaders, mentoring two of the older teens that have begun dating, I am humbled (being a parent, myself), and inspired, as I hear about the many ways they steward so well their roles of influence over the next generation. 
  • We are persistently thankful for the many volunteers (currently 177 of them!), both North American and immigrant, who take part in carrying out Mission Adelante's mission of serving immigrants to Christ and mobilizing them to serve.  Molly Merrick arrived at our Resource Center late on Saturday after having a flat tire to find it fully operating under the care of two immigrant ladies.
Prayer needs:
  • Praise God!  He enabled us to stay within our 2011 budget, and provided year-end gifts exceeding our goal which made us eligible for a partial matching grant!  We praise Him for abundantly supplying for our needs!  On a related note, help us ask God to provide some more long-term donors, particularly for staff support.
  • Thank you for praying over the past week for the Latino family for whom we petitioned prayer.  God has been active in their lives this week and has calmed the situation.  Please be in continued prayer that God will make the way for good communication and healing of relationships, and that the family will take advantage of resources being offered to them.
  • Pray for peace in the adjustment period for three Bhutanese families that have recently arrived in Kansas City.  Pray for God to provide opportunities for Mission Adelante staff to make significant connections with them this month that will lead to lasting, trusting relationships.
Current needs:
  • Two more Tuesday-evening volunteers for the Bhutanese Kids Club (contact Kristen at kristenm@missionadelante.org), and one more Wednesday afternoon male L.I.T.  volunteer (contact Megan at meganm@missionadelante.org).
  • A locking 3 or 4 drawer filing cabinet.  Please contact Marla at marlah@missionadelante.org.
  • Nonperishable food such as canned vegetables and soups, pasta, dry cereal, etc. to make available to families in need through our resource center.  Please contact Molly at 913-281-6274 x5 to arrange a time to drop off.)
Important dates:
  • Summer Internship Application Deadline: February 15  Our summer internship combines practical missions experience in an urban context with mentoring and seminars on key topics relevant to ministry. This opportunity is perfect for the college or post-college person who is exploring a potential call to missions or urban ministry.  The internship lasts from May 26 until August 12.  To fill out the our interest form go to www.missionadelante.org/internform. You'll also find an attachment there with all the details.
  • Observation Days: Tuesday, February 21 (Bhutanese)/Thursday, February 23 (Latino) 6:30-8:30  Have you wondered what all goes on around here on a typical evening of programming?  Here's your opportunity to come and see for yourself!  If these dates don't work for you, please contact info@missionadelante.org to schedule an alternate evening.