An Autobiography of the Bhutanese Ministry Apprentice

Written by Drew Hammond - Bhutanese Ministry Apprentice

As someone who was nearly a high school dropout, (and is currently, technically, a college dropout), obedience hasn't always been my strong suit. But when I realized that the Lord was calling me, and tugging on my heart, I began to listen and pray for Him to show me where he needed me. That was about three and a half years ago.

Naturally, I tried to keep things within the way I saw my life going, towards college for a degree in technical theater. That's when I tried community college, and all the while I was there, I felt the Lord was telling me something. "This is for some, but not for you."  So I left theater behind and walked away, closer to the Lord.

By this point, I was feeling pretty directionally challenged. Feeling left behind by my friends who went to college and not seeing my movie theater job sustaining me for my life, I continued to pray. I kept persisting that the Lord reveal where it was that He really wanted me. It took quite a bit of prayer, but "the Jesus" (as our Bhutanese friends refer to him) took me somewhere great.

Over winter break of 2009/2010, God gave me an opportunity to go to Israel and learn more about Him. After that, I asked the director of the organization who led the trip if he knew of any internships available in full time ministry. He directed me to Mission House, where I was sent to Mission Adelante to intern in January of this year. Over the course of my internship, my heart expanded. It expanded to love God more and more and more, but also found a community to love, the Bhutanese refugees in my own backyard.

Three years ago, if God would have told me that I was going to go to Israel, then move to Kansas City, KS and love an immigrant people more than I loved theatre, I would have thought He was crazy, kept to my own ways and I would still be searching to this day.  Thankfully, I gave God room to move in my own heart and my own life, and I finally found exactly where I need to be. It was a long haul, but here I am. I pray that God reveals His love to you.

In other news:
  • The Mission Adelante staff members hosting Open Houses last Saturday really enjoyed connecting with those of you that were able to drop in for a visit!  Thanks for making the trip into our neighborhood to get more of a taste of what God is doing here.
  • We've found that sharing a meal as part of our house church gatherings adds a really special element to the time we spend together.  Also, this past Sunday (just the second week that the Latino house churches met) attendees from the first week brought more family members and friends with them, demonstrating the immigrants' high ownership of the gatherings!
  • Our budgeting and planning process in preparation for the new year turned out to be surprisingly fun for Mission Adelante staff.  It became an encouraging time to reflect upon the past year and the things we asked the Lord for and for Him to do, and to marvel at the things He surprised us with!
Prayer requests:
  • Please pray for the health of Mission Adelante staff and family members, a number of whom are under the weather.
Important dates:

  • Fall Break: There will be no outreach programs today or Thursday, November 24.  The Mission Adelante office will be closed Wednesday, November 23 - Saturday, November 26.
  • Latino Christmas Party: Saturday afternoon, December 10
  • Bhutanese Christmas Party: Sunday, December 11 at 4:00 p.m.