Following Jesus' example for Making Disciples

A life-on-life ministry of disciple-making is what Jesus modeled. Walking, talking, eating, ministering, sharing life; this was His method of transmitting a life of faithfulness and love for God. The word, "transmitting" captures what Jesus did maybe better than "teaching", because Jesus' method of making disciples included so much more than verbal instruction. The life of a disciple is often better "caught" than "taught". Jesus' life, His actions, His attitudes, His priorities were many times the content of His message. Jesus IS the gospel! When He commissioned His disciples and all who would eventually believe in Him through their message, to "Go and make disciples", He was not only commissioning them to preach and teach with words. He was calling them to do what He had demonstrated, to walk with and talk with, and transmit what He had implanted in them to others who would follow.

From the beginning, Mission Adelante has valued relational disciple-making as core to our mission. We attempt, in all we do, to share life with those we serve and transmit the life of Jesus through every aspect of who we are, what we say, and what we do. Though throughout our five-year history as a ministry we've been investing ourselves in reproducing disciples who can also invest in others, last week we came to a significant milestone in the development of our Latino ministry; the launch of our first disciple-making team. Twenty-two people, Americans and immigrants, gathered to begin a six-week training course to study Jesus' model of making disciples, a step that for many with whom we've been walking for some time, will give them the confidence to begin investing their lives in others for the first time.

The starting point for this new team is our own personal pursuit of Christ. In John 15:5 Jesus says, "I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in Him will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing." As believers we want to bear fruit, we want God to use our lives to impact others and to carry out His mission in this world. Can we do it if we're not connected to Him? If you are a person who prays and you are inclined to pray for Mission Adelante, please pray that our Disciple-making team would be intimately and passionately connected to Jesus! Without Him we can do nothing. And with Him we are convinced that we can bear much fruit!

In other news:
  • Five Bhutanese refugee families received the furniture they needed. We'd especially like to thank members of Westside Family Church for their donations. Three or four dining tables with chairs are still needed. Please contact David Stetler at 913-579-6115 or It would be preferable if you could drop them off, but pick-up may be possible.
  • This year's Leaders In Training after school character development and tutoring program began in September with 12 kids, all of whom continue strong and are looking forward to an overnight reward trip to Great Wolf Lodge in December.
  • A group of Latino and Bhutanese kids will join with a larger group of kids to sing at the 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. services at Westside Family Church on December 19.
Prayer needs:
  • Ivan is new to our community. He's only come to church a couple of times. Please pray that God would draw him toward Himself.
  • As we look ahead to 2011, pray for God's favor in providing funding for ministry staff and the overall ministry of Mission Adelante.
  • Praise God for a minivan that was donated and will be given to a community family in need of transportation.
  • Pray for the health of Bhutanese and Latino individuals that have been hospitalized recently.
Current needs:
  • Kids' and adults' winter coats, outerwear, and shoes to stock our resource center. With winter just around the corner in Kansas City, many families in our neighborhood are still unprepared.
  • Three or four dining tables with chairs for Bhutanese families. Please contact David Stetler at 913-579-6115 or It would be preferable if you could drop them off, but pick-up may be possible.
  • Future volunteers! If you've been considering volunteering with one of our outreach programs, the next few weeks are a great time for you to come observe the program of your choice: Bhutanese or Latino kids Bible study or adult ESL class. Our next trimester, and the time you could come on board, begins in January.
Upcoming dates:
  • Thanksgiving break: No LIT the week of November 22. No Bhutanese outreach activities on Tuesday, November 23; no Latino outreach activities on Thursday, November 25. Mission Adelante office closed Wednesday, November 24-Saturday, November 27.