In Search of Hidden Treasure

written by Jarrett Meek

Almost universally immigrants come to the United States in search of better opportunities for their families. Sometimes they seek greater freedoms. Sometimes they are looking for a better education for themselves or for their children. And most often they hope to find opportunities for economic growth and employment. It's the "American Dream". However, Mission Adelante hopes they find something utterly unexpected; as they explore this new field of opportunity, we hope they stumble onto a hidden treasure.

As around 200 people from the Mission Adelante community came together last Saturday afternoon to celebrate the completion of another exciting trimester, Jesus' parable of the Hidden Treasure was on the top of my mind. A captive audience of immigrants and North American volunteers pondered this critical question, "Have I settled for the American Dream, or have I stumbled onto the Treasure hidden in the field?" For many who were there, Jesus is no more than a tradition, a custom, or a religion. Many heard for the first time that to really know Jesus is to delight in Him as an infinitely valuable treasure.

Our Trimester Parties are always meaningful events. Awards for kids, recognition for volunteers and ESL students, food, games, and music are all part of the festive environment. Seeing our whole community there with friends and family is also extremely satisfying. But, this time I especially enjoyed reflecting on the infinitely valuable Treasure waiting to be found somewhere in the field, covered, and sometimes even hidden by the American Dream many of them came to seek. I pray, and ask you to pray with me that the Lord would guide many of them past what lured them here to something much more permanent and satisfying than a dream.

In other news:
  • The pilot trimester of Bhutanese outreach programs has just wrapped up, with the first party coming up this Saturday. At this important point in the development of a new avenue of ministry, the many North American volunteers are enthusiastic and looking forward to the continuation of building relationships, and the Bhutanese population is excited about calling Mission Adelante home!
  • New carpet was installed in the whole second floor of our facility this week, which will soon serve as our new office space.
Prayer needs:
  • Please join us in praying for Megan McDermott and her parents, Chuck and Maureen. Maureen had a biopsy yesterday of a tumor in her spine. Please pray for them to be filled with peace as they wait for a diagnosis.
  • God seems to be working in the hearts of a family with volatile lives that we've requested prayer for several times before. Please pray for them to follow Him despite the obstacles.
  • Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the 12 individuals that will be traveling to Costa Rica on Mission Adelante's first Mission Training Trip in May. Also, ask God to bring together the remaining logistics for the trip.
Current needs:
  • Do you or someone you know own a printing company? We're looking for the donation of a printing service to print a relatively low volume of newsletters throughout the year. Please contact Morgan with any possibilities.
  • Pasta, kids summer clothing, and a washer and dryer to be given to needy families through our Resource Center.
Upcoming dates:
  • Saturday, April 24 at 5:00: Bhutanese Outreach Spring Party at Mission Adelante.
  • First week of June: Summer trimester begins. Bhutanese and Hispanic outreach programs resume.