First Steps for the Bhutanese Outreach Project

Last Tuesday evening it was raining and cold; the perfect night to launch a new ministry initiative! David Stetler and about 10 volunteers gathered for the first team meeting of the Bhutanese outreach project team. For those of you who haven't heard, Mission Adelante is launching a pilot outreach to Bhutanese refugees in our target neighborhood. This initiative will not only address the needs of another immigrant group in our area, but will also allow us to test the transferability of our ministry model to other peoples. Read More.

Volunteers from four different churches were present with at least one thing in common; a heart for the Bhutanese. Some have already had some experiences reaching out to them through ESL and other means. While others were there to learn more. This trimester they will focus on observing and learning Mission Adelante's core outreach programs with a plan to launch ESL and Kids programs in January.

In Other News:
  • Jason will travel to Cincinnati tomorrow with staff from The Hope Center attend the annual Christian Community Development Association conference and glean lessons from other urban ministries around the U.S.
  • Mission Adelante is saying, "goodbye" to volunteer Thiago deAgostino as he moves back to his native Brazil this week.
  • We're thankful for a new Kids Adelante volunteer named Adam, who is focusing all of his attention on one of our most at-risk preteen boys.
Prayer needs:
  • Please join us in sustained prayer for a kid named Eduardo who is struggling with a pattern of making detrimental choices.
  • Pray for momentum for our volunteers and participants to continue strong over the mid-trimester hump.
  • Pray for good health for our staff, volunteers, participants, and all families now that we're in the "cold and flu season."
  • We're praising God for the favor he's given Megan McDermott with potential financial supporters and asking for him to give her more of the same as she continues to schedule meetings.
Current needs:
  • Diapers sizes 3,4, and 5--any quantity--for distribution through our Resource Center.
  • Winter clothes, i.e. long-sleeved tops and warm pants, for distribution through our Resource Center.
  • A case of white copy paper for office use.