Amazing Improvement for Felipe Leyva!

We were elated to learn last week that Leaders-In-Training (LIT) student, Felipe Leyva received the award for most improved third grader at M.E. Pearson elementary school at the end of the year. His improvement on the state math assessments was the best in his grade level, out-pacing normal growth by almost four times. His reading improvement was also marked at nearly three times normal level.

Immigrant kids face significant challenges in our urban context. These begin with the language barrier (nearly 85% of students at M.E. Pearson speak only Spanish in the home), and continue with poverty, intimidation by gangs, and other negative social and peer dynamics. Mission Adelante's LIT program identifies kids from within this mix who have characteristics of potential leaders and invests in their spiritual, academic and character growth. The aim is to equip them become leaders among their peers.

Felipe's dramatic improvement in math and reading is a tremendous encouragement to all of us who worked with him this year in those very subjects. Other LIT students from this first year have also received honors; Iris Venegas, 8th grade, was accepted into Sumner Academy, Andrea Flores, 3rd grade, made similar, though not as dramatic improvements in math and reading, and Helen Venegas, 6th grade, has made it to the final stage in the process of becoming a Kauffman Scholar.

Please pray with us for these students and for those whom we will choose to join them in the LIT program this fall. And thank the Lord for the exciting fruit that we're beginning to see from our pilot year of the program.

In other news:

  • Our summer trimester got off to a great start last Thursday evening with 53 kids in attendance at Kids Adelante and four adult English classes full to capacity. Thanks to volunteers' availability this summer, we also have a morning adult English class. We owe so much of the success of our programs and our impact on the community to the dedicated, ongoing service of our many volunteers!
  • Both Bible studies kicked off the summer with a pot-luck meal and fellowship on Sunday evening. Several visitors joined us for the first time.
  • Buy Royal’s tickets to the June 30th game and support Mission Adelante! When you purchase through the "buy tickets" link below, a portion of the proceeds will go to help us hire Megan McDermott as our Kids Adelante Director!

Prayer needs:

  • The nine students who successfully completed the year of LIT will go on a three-day canoe and camping trip this weekend in southern Missouri. Eleven adults will join them. Please pray for safety, cooperation of the weather, and that the trip will make a spiritual impact on the kids and allow for bonding between the kids and volunteers.
  • Please pray for the provision of the necessary funds for Megan McDermott to join our staff full-time as the Kids Adelante Director.

Current needs:

  • Three LCD (flat screen) computer monitors

Important upcoming dates:

  • July 1-4: Midterm break. The Mission Adelante office will be closed and there will be no activities on Thursday. **Monday morning English class will continue uninterrupted.**