I have watched a few space shuttle launches in my life and am always amazed to imagine all of the YEARS of preparation that go into those few moments. Thousands of details and millions (billions?) of dollars are spent on equipment, training, supplies, and so much more. And it all comes together at one focal moment as the countdown reaches zero.

It’s really a ridiculous comparison, but three times each year Mission Adelante has its own version of a launch night as we begin a new trimester. Volunteers recruited and trained, a million photocopies of curriculum made, English students recruited, called, oriented, evaluated, and reminded, meetings completed, and emails sent out.

And it all comes together at 6:30 on a Thursday night: English classes in 5 different sites in our neighborhood, 50-60 kids converging on our facility, volunteers meeting new students, and a million details to coordinate. As chaotic as launch night can be, there is always a great sense of excitement and anticipation in the air as our ministry witnesses God's faithfulness in drawing so many people to a place where they can see Him more clearly through acts of compassion and His word spoken.

Tonight is that night, and we are less than 5 hours from lift-off as I write this reflection. Please pray with us tonight for students to arrive, for volunteers to make great connections with kids and adults alike, and for all the other details to come together.

In other news:
  • Twenty-six new adults registered last Thursday for our spring trimester of English classes.
  • More than 50 individuals from the Christ Community Church youth group came to Mission Adelante on Saturday. They brought enough staple food items to distribute among about 12 families and did some work around our facility. Thanks to all those involved!
  • Our second semester of L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) began yesterday. L.I.T. is a three-afternoon-a-week intensive tutoring and character development program for 13 kids who show potential to become leaders among their peers. Three new volunteers have come on board to tutor the group weekly. Please pray that each of the 13 kids would be able to continue coming and complete the school year in spite of other activities that threaten to pull them away.

Prayer needs:

  • Isabel, the woman we requested prayer for last week, remains in the hospital without a diagnosis. Please continue to pray for a diagnosis to be made in order for her to receive proper treatment and recover.
  • Five English classes and five sub-groups of Kids Adelante will launch our spring trimester this Thursday evening. We're grateful for the many volunteers who will serve in various ways, including new volunteers from at least 4 churches not previously represented! Please pray for momentum for a strong start!
  • Our discipleship pairs will begin the 13-part study on the basics of following Christ this Sunday evening. Please pray for wisdom for all the disciplers, especially those in the position for the first time, and for all involved to make a strong commitment to finishing the study.

Other needs:

  • A volunteer to fill in as Administrative Assistant at least one afternoon a week during March and April while Morgan is on maternity leave. If you're available and interested, please contact Jarrett at jarrettm@missionadelante.org or 913-909-0627.
  • Individuals to organize food drives at their churches to stock our Resource Center. If this is something you could do, please contact Jason at jasons@missionadelante.org or 913-281-6274.

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday, January 22: Launch of spring trimester ESL and Kids Adelante programs.