An Immigrant's Vulnerability

Imagine being faced with this choice—leave your daughter back home in Honduras and find work in the United States so you can send money home for tuition for her to become a teacher and have a future and opportunity. Or, stay home and know your daughter and participate in her childhood and upbringing, but sacrifice any real chance for her to gain the education necessary to break the cycle of poverty and despair.

That was the choice that Noelia, an English student in our program on Thursday nights, faced. About five years ago, she made the decision to leave her daughter and come here looking for work. Two years ago, she married a Mexican man to whom a friend introduced her. Due to abuse in the relationship, Noelia left her home and lived in a friend’s basement for several months this summer.

Through her relationship with her conversation partner in our English program, we were made aware of Noelia’s situation and needs. Jason Schoff and Seth Sears were able to meet with her, pray with her and provide donated goods for her to use in her new home.

We’re thankful that God has provided us an opportunity to care and provide for Noelia. Her situation is a stark reminder to us of the vulnerability that many immigrants here in the area face. However, it’s this very vulnerability that God uses to reach people’s hearts and turn them to him.

Please pray with us for Noelia and her family, that God would continue to provide for and protect them. Pray also that he would continue to reveal his love and grace to her that she might come to know and worship him.

In other news:
  • Thirty-five adults and 36 kids attended the Worship Celebration at the Mission Sunday evening. Five Hispanic adults played supporting roles, including serving communion.
  • Elaine, a member of our community, invited an acquaintance to the Worship Celebration, and he brought his family.
  • Adiella was born to volunteers Jacob and Michelle Holland last Tuesday, October 7. The delivery went well and Michelle and Adiella are both doing fine.

Prayer needs:

  • Please pray for Hispanic co-leaders in both Bible study groups to embrace their roles and grow in leadership.
  • Please pray for the continuing development of the Sunday evening children's ministry, which corresponds to Worship Celebrations and Bible studies. A strategy is in place, but further development is necessary.

Current needs:

  • Salma, a 12 year old Leaders In Training student, needs a winter coat. Her family also needs a washing machine.
  • Help us stock the Resource Center with winter apparel including coats, hats, scarves, and gloves, especially women's and children's items.

Upcoming dates:

  • November 1: Christmas family adoption begins. If you, your family, or your small group, etc., is interested in buying gifts for a needy family in our neighborhood this Christmas, e-mail Seth at!
  • Monday, December 1 @ 6:30: All Volunteer Team Meeting @ The Mission.
  • Saturday, December 13: Trimester-end Party