"...Mobilizing them to Serve"

Alberto and his wife Graciela are students in Mission Adelante's ESL program. We've written about them before because God has used volunteers to have a significant impact in their lives. A few months ago, when Alberto was looking for a job, his ESL class was praying for him. Another volunteer made the connections that helped him land a job at a local grocery store, and he was off and running. Ever since that time Alberto and Graciela have been coming to our Sunday night Bible studies and worship services.

More than any other immigrant who has joined our group, Alberto and Graciela have displayed almost perfect consistency. Their growing hunger for God is clear, though their past experience in pursuing Him is very limited. Last Sunday night Alberto stood in front of the group, gave the announcements and led our growing community in prayer. He was clearly nervous, but he did a wonderful job. Alberto is the first male immigrant we've connected with who seems to be showing the characteristics of a future leader. Could he be our first Hispanic teaching pastor? God only knows the plans he has for Alberto, but we are thrilled to have a role in his journey. And we are so thankful for the volunteers who have been involved in his life along the way. We are always encouraged when God fulfills our mission of "serving Hispanic immigrants to Christ and mobilizing them to serve" in the life of even one person. Please pray with us for Alberto as we continue to invest in his growth and give him more opportunities to serve and lead.

In other news:

  • Sam Posladek, an ESL volunteer and A.B. May employee, has really taken care of Mission Adelante’s heating and cooling needs these past few months. In addition to replacing broken equipment, Sam has secured a deep discount for us, further assisting in our building renovation. Thanks so much Sam!
  • Bill Gordon of Signature Landscaping donated a ride-behind mower. It will make short work of mowing the lawn at the facility. Thanks Bill!
  • We are preparing for the "What if the Church Served Together?" event on Saturday, June 7. The event is a partnership between Heartland Community Church, Westside Family Church, and Cedar Ridge Christian Church, and we're anticipating receiving the help of a large number of volunteers that day, who will undertake various projects at our facility. For more information, check out http://whatifthechurch.shawncm217.com/.

Prayer needs:

  • Various immigrant families in our community are experiencing crisis in different forms. Please petition God to care for their needs, strengthen the relationships in their families, and protect their kids from ill effects of their situations.

Current needs:

  • gas powered weed eater
  • round tables
  • gas grills

Important upcoming dates:

  • Saturday, May 24 @ 9:00 a.m.: Volunteer Orientation and Training

If your interested in volunteering with us in the future, or if you're a current volunteer who's never had the opportunity to come to the Orientation and Training, please plan to attend! You'll get an overview of Mission Adelante's various ministries, as well as information specific to the area that is of most interest to you.

  • Monday, June 2 @ 6:30 p.m.: Volunteer Team Meeting

We ask that all current volunteers attend as we prepare for the beginning of the summer trimester.

  • June 5: Summer ESL classes and Kids Adelante begin