Adelante Express: Schoffs Welcome Their First Son

If you haven’t already heard the news, Declan Neal Schoff was born on Wednesday, January 30 just before 11:00 p.m. He weighed 8 lbs, 4 ozs and measured 21 inches long at birth. He is healthy and Megan is feeling pretty good. I heard Jason comment several times, “I am very blessed” today at the office.

Upon hearing the news of Declan Schoff’s birth, student Telma in Class 2 on Thursday evening said they should bring gifts to class next week to share with Jason and Megan. It was clear that Jason had made a real impression on the students last trimester in level 1 and they wanted to show their appreciation for him and his family.

ESL level 4, led by Andrea Sears on Thursday evenings, has begun meeting at Gabi Martinez's house, as she has twins and volunteered to host the class so she can be available to attend to the babies as necessary. Andrea says, “It was refreshing and fun to meet in a student's house and see her ownership of hospitality/dessert and investment in the class. Our group of women is dedicated to learning English and continues to progress steadily. In addition to our TPR story and activities, we learned and practiced using some common adjectives, and Elvia shared the exciting news that she is expecting her second child in August!”

There were 12 volunteers at Kids Adelante. In the youngest group, after Megan is done with the lesson she has the children color a page relating to the story. One of the adults usually reads a couple books to the children. Darrel told them he was going to read from his favorite book first. He read the story of Moses, which was their lesson for that evening, to them out of the Bible. Mary Ann Bettis commented, “The children listened so attentively and quietly. It was fun to see.”

All of our English-learners and kids benefit from your continued dedication! Thank you!