Youth Ministries

Youth in our neighborhood are overcoming big challenges to follow Jesus and become leaders in our community.  As they do so they are impacting the present and future of Mission Adelante and our city.  We love to engage deeply in their lives, walk with them as they become disciples, and help them discover and develop the gifts and passions God has placed within them.



Refugee Youth Club creates a safe place for teens in our community to express themselves, get homework help, and learn about Jesus. Volunteers mentor the youth and guide them through difficult life issues. Teens support one another while volunteers walk alongside them, creating strong relationships among them and helping further spiritual growth. Refugee Youth Club meets on Tuesday evenings. The volunteer commitment high and is focused on life-on-life disciple-making.

Teens Adelante

Led by youth and designed for youth, our outreach programs are fun and creative and meet teens right where they are.  Adult mentors walk with teen leaders and disciple them as they grow spiritually and gain experience serving their peers.  The hands-on experience empowers young people and gives them ownership in the mission of Christ early in their journey.  The teen-led environment provides a comfortable context for other youth to engage, become a part of a community, and begin learning about Jesus.  Teens Adelante meets on Wednesday evenings.  The volunteer commitment high and is focused on life-on-life disciple-making.

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