Food Baskets

Occasionally families find themselves in tight financial situations.  Your family or group can help by assembling basic baskets of staple food items to be distributed through our resource center.  It's a great, hands-on way to serve for all ages that meets real needs!


  1. Invite your small group, or any group of people to get together. Ask them to bring a set of dry measuring cups.

  2. Purchase the supplies you’ll need. Making 20 complete food baskets will cost approximately $175.00. 

  3. Assemble the baskets: See instructions below.  Everyone handling food should wash their hands thoroughly before beginning.

  4. Share about your involvement: You might want to use this opportunity to share about Mission Adelante's vision.  You could use our video as a resource;  You may also want to talk about our ongoing volunteer opportunities 
  5. Invite a staff member: If you would like, a staff member from Mission Adelante may be available to attend your event and share about current needs and further opportunities. 

  6. Deliver the baskets: Finally, arrange a time to bring the food baskets to Mission Adelante!  Complete this form to schedule a time to deliver the baskets:


  • 50 pounds of dry pinto beans (sold in 25 lb. bags at Costco)
  • 50 pounds of white rice (sold in 50 lb. bags at Costco)
  • 25 pounds of sugar (sold in 25 lb. bags at Costco)
  • 20 pounds of flour (sold in 25 lb. bags at Costco/10 lb. bags at grocery stores)
  • 20 (16 ounce) packages of spaghetti
  • 20 (16 ounce) bottles of vegetable oil
  • 40 quart size Ziploc bags
  • 40 gallon size Ziploc bags
  • 20 paper grocery bags (have better structure than plastic bags.)

Any brand of the food items is acceptable.



Measure 8 cups of beans into 20 gallon size Ziploc bags. Measure 6 ¼ cups of rice into 20 gallon size Ziploc bags. Measure slightly less than 3 cups of sugar into 20 quart size Ziploc bags. Finally, measure 3 ¾ cups of flour into 20 quart size Ziploc bags. You will find it easier to measure sugar and flour if you transfer it from the original packaging into a large mixing bowl first. Place a bag containing each food item along with a package of spaghetti and a bottle of vegetable oil into a paper grocery bag. If your group would enjoy doing a little something extra, consider making a note of encouragement to include in each bag. If you’d like to include a Bible verse in Spanish, you can look it up online at In the “Select version” dropdown menu, choose “Español: Nueva Versión Internacional.”

Ideas for Kids:  

  • If there are children among you, they could participate by decorating the paper grocery bags.
  • Kids can write encouraging notes or draw pictures to include in the bags

Delivery: To schedule a time to deliver the complete Food Baskets to Mission Adelante, please complete this form: