Thieves Break in and Steal...from Mission Adelante

Thieves Break in and Steal...from Mission Adelante
Cigarette smoking thieves broke into the Mission Adelante building on Saturday night and left their dead cigarette butt and a crow bar where our sound system used to be. They pried their way in through the back door, took a few things that were easy pickings, and left the back doors wide open. Besides the sound system they also made off with a guitar and some tools.

This violation has been discouraging and has prompted us to take further security measures. Nonetheless, Morgan reminded us today as we prayed in our staff meeting that our "enemies" merely stole things, but we are being used by God in this neighborhood to steal lives from grasp of the real enemy. The faces of eleven new believers who are now brothers and sisters in Christ came to mind as I had a sense that we have taken more from the enemy than he has taken from us.

In other news:
  • Another Hispanic woman crossed the finish line with the 13-study discipleship course this week! The discipleship course covers topics that are foundational to the Christian faith.
  • A group from the local company Laminate Works made good progress working on the building on Saturday.
  • Alberto & Graciela and Rosi have repeatedly attended Worship Celebrations and in-home Bible studies.
  • A total of nine students and leaders from the Baptist Student Union at Central Missouri University in Warrensburg, three of whom were here for the whole week, spent their spring break volunteering at Mission Adelante. They worked on various projects including a large sign for the front of the facility. We're grateful for their work!

Prayer needs:

  • God's protection of the facility and those who work and worship inside.
  • Full attendance at the Easter Worship Celebration this Sunday evening, and an atmosphere of praise for Jesus' provision of salvation for us.
  • Praise for the provision of twin-size beds that we requested last week.

Donation needs:

  • As a result of the burglary, a guitar
  • A sheet-music stand
  • A capo (guitar accessory)

Important upcoming dates:

  • Volunteer Team Meeting: Monday, April 7, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the facility
  • Trimester-end party: Saturday afternoon, April 19