Sunset and Washing Dirty Feet with Interns

by Jarrett Meek, Pastor/Executive Director

As the sun went down on the second day of our internship launch retreat, we were all finally starting to feel comfortable with one another.  After all, our group included an unlikely mix of white, Latino, and Bhutanese-Nepali youth from our neighborhood.  We were all a bit worn out from our marathon afternoon of playing four different sports in the hot Kansas sun.  We started with volleyball, which was the most comfortable of the activities we did, and then moved on to baseball, American football, and soccer.  The interns went swimming after all that, but I opted for a nap.  Now we were all relaxed (and exhausted), as we settled in on the back deck of the Barn Bed and Breakfast Inn, a secluded place located somewhere off the beaten path in rural Kansas.  It was a peaceful environment to study one of Jesus' most important lessons on servant leadership.

We talked through John 13 that evening, reflecting on what it means to be a leader.  A leader is a servant, according to Jesus' definition.  The God of the universe humbled himself and became a man, taking on the role of a slave, and he washed the feet of his disciples.  He taught them that they also ought to wash one another's feet.  So, we did.  We washed, we worshiped God, and we prayed for one another.

The young man who washed my feet and prayed for me has grown up in and around Mission Adelante.  If you knew him six years ago you wouldn't recognize him now.  He has overcome some extremely difficult circumstances to get to the point he where he is today.  When he put his hand on my shoulder and began praying I felt like I was seeing into a heart that has been broken, shaped and re-made through the trials of life; trials that most people can't even imagine.  His prayer was one of the most sincere and beautiful prayers I've ever heard in my life.  Courageous, faithful, intelligent, wise, genuine, hungry, and determined are the words I'd use to describe him.  The work of Jesus in his life is unmistakable.  Maybe someday he'll tell his own story for all to hear.

In other news:

  • In preparation for the launch of our thrift store, the vision of the Resource Center is changing. We are no longer accepting donations of clothing, furniture, or housewares.  Look for information on the revised vision of the resource center in upcoming issues of the Adelante Express.

Prayer needs:

  • Each summer, the Youth Ministries of several of our partner churches lead three or four-day Kids Camps on our soccer field. They're a great time for all students involved, and they kick-off next week. Please be in prayer for good weather, safety and fun!

Important date

  • Summer Break: July 1-5 No programs will meet.