Bhutanese Got Talent

Written by David Stetler, Bhutanese Outreach Director

Last night, five Bhutanese teen leaders organized and executed their new plan for the Bhutanese Teens Club. This was the first time these growing leaders had exercised their leadership on this scale. They had worked very hard together to formulate a new plan over the past few months. This new plan was not just any plan; it was a plan that they could call their own. The leaders did an incredible job and their peers respected and followed their lead and their plan.

the judges

The night resembled a small yet creative version of

America’s Got Talent

. There were judges, performances of singing and dancing and a live crowd that was, of course, very lively. The leaders divided the 50 plus teens into four groups. Each group had one opportunity to perform for the judges. The performances were judged on various categories determined by the Teen Club leaders. The four performances were unique, delightful and full of flavor and flare with a strong taste of Bhutanese-Nepali culture.

the champion, Ganesh Senchuri singing "Bistarai Bistarai"

The winner of this entertaining competition was Ganesh Senchuri who sang a beautiful melody called “Bistarai Bistaria” which means “Slowly Slowly”. Each month there will be new judges and a new performer representing each group.  At the end of the year the group with the most points will be awarded a Secret Special Surprise Prize!

Leadership development is a core value here at Mission Adelante and when it comes to youth being raised up as leaders, we get super excited. Community Youth Development creates environments, events, and activities that cultivate leadership and support positive choices. By giving these teens an environment such as this where they can use their talents and passions, they grow as individuals, leaders and as a community.

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