Multicultural Leaders Emerging!

Multicultural Leaders Emerging!

Eleven leaders from Mission Adelante attended the Christian Community Development.conference
by Jarrett Meek, Founder/Pastor/Executive Director

How do we know we if we are fulfilling our mission?  One of the most significant indicators is when we see our disciple-making efforts give rise to emerging leaders from within our community.  The development of immigrant leaders is not only a vital sign of missional life for our ministry, but is also critical to the ongoing health of our community.  We are seeing new fruit as multicultural leaders are rising up!  

In September eleven leaders from Mission Adelante, representing four different countries traveled together to New Orleans to join up with people from other urban ministries from across the U.S, at the Christian Community Development Association’s national conference.  A few Americans, a Cuban, two Nepalis, and two Mexicans were part of our multicultural group who grew together as friends and leaders during the trip.  These kinds of equipping events, where our leaders can go deeper with each other and with people from other places, provide a wider perspective on Christian ministry and disciple-making as it’s lived out in other contexts.  The CCDA conference was a huge encouragement for our team.

Our summer Internship experience took a new twist this year as well.  Instead of bringing in college students for an internship in cross-cultural ministry, we created a new internship experience for four Latino teens from our neighborhood.  For one of these young leaders, Edgar Soriano, the Summer Internship has turned into a one-year internship opportunity, as he pursues further training in ministry.  As our long-term investment in leaders from our neighborhood continues forward, we are praying that in 2014 we will be able to hire our first full-time immigrant staff members to serve with Mission Adelante.

A Unique Matching Gift Opportunity for 50 Donors!

We are launching a new giving fund to create an avenue for donors to help us hire new staff members from our community.  We are calling this new fund the “Community Leaders Fund”. To help get us started, a generous donor has offered to supplement EACH new monthly commitment to the “Community Leaders Fund” (at least $25/month) with a $1000 one-time gift (up to a total of $50,000). In other words, your new monthly commitment to the Community Leaders Fund gets a $1000 bonus added to it!  Now that’s high impact!  Hiring staff members from our own community will be a huge step forward for us in living out our mission!

Go to and choose the "Community Leaders Fund"!