Would You Pray?

Written by Jason Schoff, Director of Latino Outreach

Would you turn down a chance to pray?  We at Mission Adelante believe that dependent prayer glorifies the ultimate Provider and is the best weapon in a spiritual battle that can only be won if God moves.  That is why we decided a couple of years ago that all our Latino English (ESL) classes should include this component at the beginning or end of class.  Thankfully, our students have responded warmly to this important piece.  We might start with a beginning class by praying for simple and broad things like our students' success with learning and for God to take care of all our families and needs.  Later we transition into praying for the personal, individual needs of our students.  While this may not happen over night, we hope our groups grow in faith to believe that God cares about them enough to listen and He answers their prayers.  

Little by little, our classes become communities that begin to pray for one another.  They feel free enough to share about their needs and even express praise for ways God is responding to them.  We often begin asking our students to lead the prayer time by the second or third trimester of their studies with us.  It is an invitation, never an obligation.  Some in our groups have never in their lives prayed aloud and this becomes an open door for them to experience acceptance by their classroom community.  

Last week one of our volunteers asked Oscar* to pray.  She knew Oscar attended a church in our neighborhood and hoped he would take her up on the opportunity.  However, he wanted to pass!  He expressed how he stopped going to church several months ago and felt like he couldn't pray because God would not accept his prayers for that reason.  Ugh!  It was a sad moment.  The volunteer encouraged him and let him know that God would be very willing to receive his prayers.  What a humbling end to class!

Would you pray for Oscar to sense God's love and longing to hear his prayers?  Also, would you join us in praying that our Latino English classes will see prayer continue to touch people's hearts and draw them to God?  

*Name changed to protect privacy

In other news:

  • We were pleased to have Dan Deeble and the rest of the Heartland Community Church Management Team visit our staff last week, and to hear about their vision for a great number of Christians practicing evangelism as a lifestyle throughout Kansas City.
  • David and Holly Stetler attended a conference in South Carolina last week with 3d Ministries called Community of Practice and learned about leadership and community.
  • The third of three Latino house churches began meeting in an  immigrant home last Sunday.  This demonstrates the ownership of the gatherings that immigrants are taking as our focus remains on reproducing disciples and leaders who are capable of multiplying the work.
Prayer needs:
  • Join  us in asking the Lord's blessing of our staff's various fundraising efforts.
Current needs:
  • An industrial sewing machine: the Bhutanese women's sewing cooperative is beginning a new and very promising product line using recycled burlap that is allowing a few women the opportunity to use their cultural trade and skills to earn an income for their family.  We already have orders for these products, but we need an industrial sewing machine to use on the burlap material
  • A 3- or 4-drawer locking filing cabinet with keys
  • A preschooler sized table and chairs or picnic table
  • A small computer desk or computer table to create an additional workspace in our offices
  • New vacuums or repair for our broken vacuums
  • Men's and kids' winter clothing to make available through our resource center
  • Containers of Goldfish crackers/animal crackers for Bhutanese Kids Club snacks (Sometimes the repeated purchase of seemingly inexpensive things can eat up a budget!)
  • A well-working and Internet able C.P.U. or laptop for use by L.I.T. students
To respond to any of these needs, please e-mail Morgan at morganh@missionadelante.org.

Important dates:
  • Observation Days: Tuesday, February 21 (Bhutanese)/Thursday, February 23 (Latino) 6:30-8:30  Have you wondered what all goes on around here on a typical evening of programming?  Here's your opportunity to come and see for yourself!  If these dates don't work for you, please contact info@missionadelante.org to schedule an alternate evening.
  • Adelante Missions Institute Seminar: Saturday, June 30 at 9:00  We're pleased to announce that Noel Castellanos, CEO of Christian Community Development Association, will visit Kansas City at the end of June.  Mark your calendar!