EBC's Kids' Camp Waters Seeds

Written by summer intern Cassie Donley

This summer I have had the amazing blessing of serving at Mission Adelante as an intern with Kids Adelante. I have learned so much that it is impossible to nail down just one aspect to share. Nevertheless, the one that is upon my heart to share is the principle of convivir (Spanish for "to live with"). All of the Mission Adelante staff and interns live in this neighborhood. It is a basic ministry principle that Mission Adelante holds dear: to live and serve with the people we are trying to reach. This past week, I had the privilege of watching 35 teens from Emmanuel Baptist Church, along with their interns and leaders, experience the principle of convivir. They stayed in KCK from Sunday through Thursday, doing service projects during the day and hosting a kids' camp in Prescott Park with Mission Adelante each evening.

The group arrived Sunday evening, transformed the Mission Adelante soccer field into an outdoor movie theater and hosted a barbeque. They spent their first evening in KCK in fellowship with the Latino church. Just as church concluded, the barbeque was ready and the children stayed for a movie on the soccer field. It was so much fun to lie on blankets and watch the movie. The most exciting part was watching the young EBC teens interact with the kids from our neighborhood.

Over the next three days, EBC hosted a kids' camp at Prescott Park. That specific area of town has been one of Mission Adelante's target neighborhoods for outreach, so locating the kids' camp there was strategic. It was a well-prepared outreach from the songs, to the message, to the crafts and game stations. The biggest impact was the teens from EBC loving on the kids from the Prescott Park neighborhood--kids who have never been to Kids Adelante and were not associated with Mission Adelante. What the EBC teens didn’t know was that they were watering seeds that had already been planted in those children’s hearts.

On Thursday night, EBC was invited to come to Mission Adelante and participate with us in our weekly children’s program. That night, eight new kids from the Prescott Park neighborhood came to Mission Adelante for the first time. We have had kids' camps at Prescott Park for the last three summers with the goal of planting seeds in the hearts of kids. This year, with eight brand new kids coming to Kid’s Adelante, it’s a blessing to see the fruit of God’s hands.

In other news:

  • Bhutanese Kids Club coordinator Kristen Maxwell had the opportunity to tell kids and youth at the Olathe Christ Community Church campus about domestic missions. She challenged them to be the hands and feet of Jesus to Bhutanese refugee children by providing a backpack and school supplies to one of them for the upcoming school year.
Prayer needs:
  • Tonight, Jesus' death and resurrection will be the topic of the lesson at Bhutanese Kids Club and Teens Club. Coming from a Hindu culture, many of them accept Jesus as one of their gods, but not as the only true God. Please pray for the leaders to present the gospel in a culturally respectful way, and that the truth takes hold in the kids and teens minds.
  • A particular immigrant family that lost the husband/father to murder is undergoing heavy spiritual attack now, a year later, as it struggles with issues such as the kids' behavior and finances. Please help us pray that the Lord would protect and deliver them from the enemy's harassment.
  • A number of the Mission Adelante staff members including several interns are presently finding it very difficult to connect with individuals that they want to intentionally spend time with in order to create a framework in which to do ministry. Please pray for the Lord to facilitate the development of those relationships.
  • This is the second of three weeks of "purity talks" with the Latino teens. Last week, God used the study to begin teaching the leaders to be vulnerable, and to examine their own lives through the lens of purity. Please pray for the Lord to deepen the authenticity, vulnerability, and attitude of obedience in the teens and the leaders during the remaining studies.
Current needs:
  • New volunteers for all outreach programs beginning in September. Now is the perfect time to come observe what we do and find the program that you're the most well-suited for! Please click here for all the info related to volunteering with Mission Adelante!
  • Diapers, in all sizes, are a frequently requested item in our Resource Center. Contact Molly at 913-961-2984 to arrange making a donation.
  • Articles of clothing for school uniforms, including elementary and middle school boys' and girls' khaki and navy pants as well as navy and white polo shirts. Please contact Kristen Maxwell 913-980-7627 to arrange a donation of clothing.
Upcoming dates:
  • Sunday, August 14: Bhutanese and Latino End-of-Trimester parties at Wyandotte County Lake Park. Mark your calendar now to attend--everyone is invited! More details TBA.